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Lottery Points

The Lottery System

Lottery Points for Selection 2013 will be available once Housing Selection for Fall 2013 begins.

If you're a member of the honors program, be sure to add 1000 points to your total.  If you believe your lottery point total is incorrect, please notify by Friday, April 1st.   

Lottery points are determined according to a student's class standing based upon current total credits earned. A computer randomly assigns them.

The points reflect class standing after Interterm:

  • Seniors will receive a number between 4000 - 4999
  • Juniors will receive a number between 3000 - 3999
  • Sophomores will receive a number between 2000 - 2999
  • First-year students will receive a number between 1000 - 1999

A student should have at least sophomore class standing to live in the quads. (Students who have a five-digit number may only use the five digit number in traditional selection. For the Quad lottery, only the last four digits of such a number can be used.) Floor plans of each hall will be posted in the Residence Life Office (RLO).

Any student late in pre-registering will receive a number, but will be penalized 500 points. You must bring proof of pre-registration from the Business Office to the RLO.