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Housing Contract

Doane Housing Contract 2016-2017

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DOANE University HOUSING CONTRACT 2016.2017

This is a binding agreement. By signing this contract and the housing selection form, you agree to abide by all Doane University housing guidelines. Please refer to the student handbook and Doane ResLife website for a complete discussion of the Doane University housing guidelines.
1. This contract covers the entire operational year. The operational year begins the Sunday before the first day of early arrival. Students studying abroad in the spring or graduating in December must live on campus for the entire fall semester. Students returning from study abroad in the fall, transferring to Doane, or beginning classes in the spring for other reasons agree to live on campus beginning the day before classes start.
2. Doane University reserves the right to terminate this contract and housing agreement at any time if the student’s behavior is disruptive to the residential environment or if the student is a threat to self or others. Specific examples of this include but are not limited to the following:
 A student whose behavior necessitates unusual measure to monitor, treat, protect, or retrain. Such behaviors may include but are not limited to threats of suicide, self-mutilation, violence, or injuries resulting in serious limitations on self-care.
 A student whose behavior is severely disruptive to others, including behavior that causes emotional, psychological, or physical distress to fellow students or staff substantially above what they normally experience in daily life. Disruption may be in the form of a single incident or somewhat less severe but persistent disruption over a period of time.
 A student who refused or is unable to cooperate with recommended assessment and/or treatment and whose behavior or condition suggests a disorder, e.g. an eating disorder, which is likely to deteriorate to the point of permanent disability, disfigurement, impairment, or dysfunction without such assessment or treatment. Where standard assessment is impossible due to the student’s resistance or inability to cooperate, indirect behavioral observations will constitute sufficient basis for judgment.
 A student whose physical or psychological disorder is such as to require specialized services beyond those available locally and whose condition will deteriorate without additional resources.
Students may dispute a termination in accordance with the College’s grievance procedure, outlined in the student handbook.
Termination of Housing Contract by the Resident
3. In order to terminate this contract prior to Census Day on September 8th, 2016, written notification must be given to the Office of Residence Life via email Termination of the contract by a resident prior to Census Day will result in the following penalties:
 Prior to June 1st 2016, a fee of $150.00 will be assessed to their account.
 June 1st, 2016 through July 31st, 2016, a fee of $300.00 will be assessed to their account.
 August 1st, 2016 until Census Day on September 8th, 2016, a fee of $450.00 will be assessed to their account.
 The termination fee may be waived if the resident is transferring from Doane University, withdrawing, or fulfilling military service. If exigent circumstances apply, the resident may file a written appeal of their termination fee to the Director of Residence Life. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
4. In order to terminate this contract after Census Day on September 8th, 2016, written notification must be given to the Office of Residence Life no later than two weeks prior to the intended date of termination. Upon termination, the resident will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the housing rate for the semester. Failure to provide timely notice may result in a $25.00 processing fee.
Student Responsibility
5. Students must be able to care for themselves at all times. Doane University has limited resources for students unable to care for themselves. Incidents in which students demonstrate a lack of care for themselves, e.g. alcohol poisoning or suicidal threats, may result in the affected student’s immediate removal from campus housing.
6. Students involved in instances like the ones listed in (5) may be required to provide documentation from health professionals that they have completed any assigned disciplinary requirements from such incidents.
7. Failure to provide proof of completion may result in removal from campus housing with no refund of student room costs.
8. Every student shares the responsibility to notify their Residence Director (RD) of maintenance needs. Students who have failed to communicate maintenance issues to their RD may be held responsible for the repairs at check-out.
9. Students who leave windows open in the room may be found responsible for any damages resulting from frozen and/or burst pipes, including remittance to the College for labor and material cost of repairs, and to students whose belongings are damaged due to the pipe bursting or freezing.
Gender Neutral Housing
10. Gender neutral housing allows for students of different sexes or gender to room together.
11. Although suites and/or quads that register are gender neutral, they are gender neutral within the quad or suite – the individual rooms are still separated by sex.
12. Students may register for gender neutral housing in Colonial or Hansen Hall. Registration must be unanimous, and students intending to live in gender neutral housing must complete the appropriate registration form.
13. Quads and suites may transition to gender neutral housing during the year by registering. Students interested should contact the Office of Residence Life
Residential Living Standard
14. In order to help residents learn how to live in communities, Doane University has a Residential Living Standard, which outlines general expectations of students living in the residence halls. Violations of the residential living standard will be handled as outlined in the student handbook.
15. Because a large number of people live in close proximity in a hall, all students are expected to help keep the halls clean, healthy, and positive places in which to live.
16. Complaints about living conditions- by other residents, faculty, or staff – will be handled as outlined in the student handbook.
17. Residents may be charged for additional cleaning due to cleanliness/health issues in their room, suite, or quad.
Residence Adviser Rooms
18. Students selected as Residence Advisers (RA) will have private rooms and will be allowed to select suite-mates separate from the standard housing selection process.
19. RAs and their suite-mates agree to follow Doane policies without exception.
20. If an RA resigns or is terminated, the RA and his or her suite-mates may be moved to any available space on campus at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life.
Vacancies and Housing Needs
21. Doane Housing reserves the right to assign or reassign students as needed. Housing need is determined by the Director of Residence Life.
22. If a resident’s roommate(s) leaves, it is the remaining resident’s responsibility to find a new roommate.
23. If space allows, a resident may request to pay a private room rate and buy out the room.
24. If the student cannot find a new roommate, the student may be consolidated with another resident. Consolidation will necessitate a room move.
Room Moves
25. Residents wishing to change rooms during the year must contact their RD to make the necessary arrangements. Room moves must be approved by the Office of Residence Life.
26. Room moves for returning students may incur a $25.00 administrative fee.
27. First year students interested in moving rooms must first make a good faith effort in a mediation process facilitated by their Residence Director or designee.
28. Unapproved room moves may result in an administrative or facilities fee of $75.00 or more.
29. Check-in procedures for the fall and spring are detailed in the Student Handbook. Doane Housing will also email residents over the summer with accurate instructions for checking in. Failure to adhere to check-in policy may result in delays or administrative fees.
30. The Room Condition Report (RCR), signed by the resident and Residence Life staff, serves as complete documentation of the room’s condition and any existing damages at check-in.
31. Residents may be held responsible for any damages not recorded in the RCR at check-in. This may result in maintenance fees for material and labor costs of repair.
32. Residents who move in without checking in, or who move into an unassigned room, may be subject to administrative fees and disciplinary action.
33. Early arrivals for fall and spring semester must be approved by the Director of Residence Life. Requests to check in early must be tendered at least two weeks prior to the anticipated check-in date.
34. A charge of $75 a day will be assessed to students moving in early.
35. Students who move in early without approval will be charged a $100 fee in addition to the daily charge.
36. Students with approval to move in who allow their roommate to move in early may also be charged $100.
37. Check-out procedures apply when a resident changes rooms, withdraws from Doane, or leaves at the end of the semester or academic year.
38. Check-out procedures are outlined completely in the student handbook.
39. Failure to follow check-out procedures may result in forfeiture of the resident’s room deposit and an improper check-out fee of $125. A lock change fee may also apply.
40. Doane University reserves the right to contact the Crete police department and have students removed from campus if they refuse to check out on time.
41. Unless the responsible party is identified or takes responsibility themselves, damages that occur in a residence hall will be charged equally to the residents of the room or all the residents of the hall, depending on the location and severity of the damages. Charges may be incurred during the operational year; they are not limited to check-out times.
42. As members of a suite-style living environment, residents in Burrage, Colonial, and Hansen are responsible for their respective suite and its surroundings. This includes, but is not limited to, windows, window screens, and balconies.
Appliances and Restricted Items
43. The following are not allowed in the residence halls: sun lamps, hot plates, candle warmers, electric skillets, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, ice machines, microwaves, refrigerators over 4.3 cubic feet, space heaters, or any other high energy appliance. Questions about item restrictions should be directed to the Director of Residence Life.
44. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to modify and/or extend the list of restricted items at any time. During the year, changes to the list will be communicated via email and updated on this contract.
45. Burrage and Colonial quads are allowed one microwave each in their respective common rooms.
46. Residence Life and Doane Housing will contact students via email and/or telephone.
47. It is the student’s responsibility to check these at least once a day to ensure prompt communication.
48. Students who do not check their email or voicemail run the risk of adverse actions.


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