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Residential Policies

Every student receives a Student Handbook when they arrive at Doane in August.  In addition to academic information, the handbook contains the Student Conduct Code.  Listed here are some of the policies in the code that apply specifically to residents in our halls.  For more information, an online copy is available.

Bed Bug Policy
Student Responsibility 
  •  Educate yourself about bed bugs and understand how they live. More information can be found on the web at
  •  Take precautions when traveling to minimize the chance of bringing bed bugs to campus. 
  •  Do not buy or bring second hand furniture that may contain bed bugs. Launder your clothing and bedding regularly to help reduce the chance of harboring bed bugs. 
  •  Empty and inspect your backpack frequently. 
  •  Keep your room picked up and orderly, vacuum your room and remove trash at least weekly, to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.  
  •  Examine your bed and the area near your bed thoroughly every couple of weeks. Always be aware of the possibility of bed bug presence and react swiftly to inform the RD that you may have a problem. Do not hesitate to call. 
  •  Do not treat your room with chemicals, sprays or any other type of product to control or kill bed bugs; this will hinder the efforts of our professional exterminators. 
  •  Help housing officials by preparing for a bed bug inspection or treatment. 
  •  Understand that bed bugs are a distraction and inconvenience and will require some extra work and possible temporary displacement from your room.
College Responsibility 
  •  Provide the resources and information to educate all students about bed bugs and what students need to do if they suspect they may have bed bugs. . More information can be found on the web at
  •  Respond as quickly as feasible to any student bed bug concerns. 
  •  Take proactive measures to detect and treat any potential bed bug problems and guide students through all necessary bed bug related procedures. 
  •  Utilize up to date pest control techniques to minimize the risk and exposure to bed bugs. 
  •  Establish a high level protocol for all housing employees training and execution for effective pest control management. 
  •  Hire proven, qualified professional exterminators to help prevent, detect, and eradicate bed bugs. 
  •  Openly communicate bed bug issues to all parties affected. 
  •  Document all bed bug cases and monitor potential resurgence of infected area. 
  •  Notify the students that the college will accept not accept liability for damages. 


Furniture Policy

Students residing in Burrage and Colonial Halls may bring personal furniture into their rooms.  The furniture must be kept in good condition.  The amount of furniture is limited by any amount that cause issues with cleaning or safety concerns (blocking exits or entrances).  Doane University reserves the right to require students to remove any student personal furniture.  Students that damage their own personal furniture on purpose may be require to move it and may be prohibited from having additional personal furniture in the future.  No outside lofts are permitted.

Students residing in Frees, Hansen, Sheldon, and Smith Halls are allowed to move the following items into their rooms: desk chairs, storage bins and drawers, bookcases (not to exceed 3' in length by 4' in height by 1' in depth), futons, television stands, any chair that can be folded and stored when not in use, and bedside lamps.  Other items are prohibited.

Any furniture not included in this list will be subject to approval by the Director of Residential Life.  Additionally, in consideration for this privilege, if supplemental furniture takes the place of any supplied furniture, the supplied furniture will be stored in the individual's room.

Pet Policy
Due to health and safety regulations, and consideration for campus living environments, students are prohibited from having pets in the residence halls.  The only exceptions are small fish.  Reptiles are not allowed.

Guest Policy
For safety reasons, our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day.  Students registered to live in the hall can access the building with their ID cards, although all Doane students have access to some of the amenities in our halls during visitation hours.  Students may have guests over, but overnight guests must register with the CA on duty.

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