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New Residents

Congratulations on choosing Doane College as your new home away from home!  We're excited to welcome to our beautiful campus.  Doane College pursues a philosophy of learning while living together.  Although it varies year to year, approximately two thirds of our student body live in the residence halls.

Move-In Dates for Fall 2015

First-Year students will move in on Thursday, August 20th from 8 am - noon, checking in first at Perry Campus Center.  Some students belonging to certain organizations will move in earlier; coaches and advisors will let you know if you should move in early.  

The following organizations have been approved for early arrival:

August 10th | Time TBA
Athletic Trainers, Football, Men & Women Soccer, Volleyball and Student Teachers
August 17th | Time TBA
Bridge/STEM, Men & Women Cross Country, Men & Women Golf and Media 
August 18th | Arrival must be approved and pre-arranged with Admissions Office
New Freshman International Students with pre-approval from the Admissions Office may be permitted to move in to attend New International Freshman Orientation on August 19.  You must check the date on your I-20, confirm your arrival arrangements and campus check-in with the Admissions Office.  New Freshman International Students are required to participate in  all freshman orientation activities. 
August 20th | 8:00 am - Noon
First-Year students move in.
August 23rd | Morning Orientation and Check-in
International Transfer students Must attend the International Transfer Student Orientation Sessions held on Sunday, morning, August 23.   
August 23rd | Time TBA
Transfers and Returners move in.

Residence Halls at a Glance

  • Doane College has six residence halls with a combined capacity of 832 residents.  Smith Hall, Sheldon Hall, and Frees Hall are traditional style.  Hansen Leadership Hall and Burrage & Colonial Halls (the "Quads") are suite style.
  • Our traditional halls are co-ed by room.
  • Hansen and the Quads are restricted to upperclassmen, with the exception of Directions students in Hansen.
  • Colonial is home to our Themed Communities, a student-led housing option for upperclass residents who plan to live and learn together from shared experience.  Themed Communities may be co-ed, but must register to do so.
  • More information about our halls is available here.

Furniture in the Halls

Every room on campus is furnished, but students sometimes choose to bring some of their own furniture, such as futons. If you plan to bring a futon, the mattress must be covered in a bed-bug proof slip cover.  All residence halls provide lofts to residents.  Furniture policy allows residents to bring futons, small fridges, book shelves, office chairs, or small, modular shelving/drawers (like the kind Rubbermaid and other companies make).  If you have any questions about furniture you would like to bring, please contact  


We offer quite a number of amenities in our halls, including laundry facilities and a wireless network.  As an incoming student, you will learn more about the amenities when you attend your Enrollment Day.  We also provide a list of what to bring when you move into the halls.  In addition to the many amenities, Residence Life and Housing allow you to keep fish as pets.

Leadership in the Halls

Are you a leader in high school looking to continue leading in college?  Is leading a new experience that you would like to try out at Doane?  Look no further!  In addition to RAs, students can also join the Residence Hall Association, a representative board for all residents of the Crete campus.  RHA meets weekly, and you're always welcome to attend.  Officer positions are available - if this interests you, contact

Dining Services

Whether you're looking for a meal, a snack, or a hot drink, Perry Campus Center is the place to be.  Sodexo provides all dining services at Doane College.  They are able to answer any questions you might have about nutrition, food choices, and prices.  If you're looking for information on meal plans, please contact our Business Office at 402.826.8200.

Our Mission

We promote student success in our community by promoting a healthy environment built on service leadership, accountability, equity, and inclusion.