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Living Off Campus

If you've never lived on your own, you may be surprised at some of the things you're expected to pay for. 

Once you sign a lease, you're bound to honor it.  Knowing what pitfalls to look for as a first-time renter can help you avoid making the mistake of spending a lot of money in vain. Careful evaluation of your housing needs and options is a vital part of the housing search process.

Off Campus Application


Family Exception Form

Things to consider when deciding which option is right for you:

  • Show me the money - what can you afford and still have a life?
  • Location, location, location - is it within walking distance? will your costs for gas go up?
  • House or apartment? - what are you responsible to maintain (scoop snow, mow grass etc.) if you rent a house vs. an apt.
  • Social life? -will you still be able to afford to meet up with friends for the fun things?
  • Time commitment - will you need to work extra hours to make enough money, or just plan a little better with the money you have?
  • Roommate? - who would be a good fit to be a roomie? 


We've put together some resources to help you in your search. 


Interested in becoming a member of the Association of Commuter Students? 

Contact the Residence Life Office at or 402.826.6721.