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Standard Checkout Process

This process is required for all first-year students to assist with the checkout process and to help students avoid fees during their first year. Upperclassmen may also choose to utilize this process instead of the express checkout process. The process is outlined below step-by-step. If you have any questions please contact our main office at (402) - 826 - 8111 or You may also reach out to your CommunityAdvisor or CommunityDirector with questions.

1. Sign Up for a Checkout Appointment - At least 24 hours prior to checking out

If you are not participating in graduation you must be checked out 24 hours after your last final OR by Friday, May 12th @ 9:00am (Whichever is Earliest).

Beginning Tuesday, May 2nd there will be schedules outside of the CA's doors for students to sign up for checkout appointments. You may sign up with any CA in your building.

NOTE: If no CA is available during the time you would like to check out contact your Community Director to discuss other options.

NOTE: If you need to reschedule or are going to be late to your appointment please contact the CA you are checking out with to notify them of the change.

2. Remove all belongings from the room.

This may take longer than you originally believe! Please plan ahead so you can check out on time. Remember to double check all of your drawers and closets to collect any and all belongings.

3. Complete the Checkout Checklist.

All students will have a checklist next to their door with all of the items needed to complete a checkout. Please take some time to make your way through the list and complete each item. This will place you in the best position to check out.

**Hansen Hall Loft Kits**

Hansen Hall Loft Kits must be returned to the Hansen Hall CA on Duty between Sunday, May 7th to Thursday, May 11th between 8pm and 10pm.

4. Clean your Room.

Please make sure that you thoroughly clean your room prior to your checkout appointment! Please make sure to:

- Dust all furniture

- Sweep the floors, including behind the furniture

- Empty all drawers and closets

- Take out any trash and trash bags

Failure to properly clean your room may result in a fine applied to your student account.

5. Rearrange the furniture

Please make sure your furniture is arranged according to the room map available on the CA bulletin board. If your roommate is still in the room please do your best to make each of your furniture items accessible for staff members to check them.

6. Return your Room Key

When the CA comes by for your appointment they will collect your key and conduct a preliminary damage assessment of the room. 

NOTE: Once the door is closed behind you we may not be able to allow you back into the room so please make sure you have all of your belongings before returning your key.

NOTE: Your mailbox key should be returned to the Service Bureau (Mail Room) in Perry Campus Center. An administrative fee may be applied to any student who returns their mail key to a Residential Life staff member.

Congratulations! You've completed Checkout!!


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