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Checking Out

At the end of the year approaches please take some time to review the information below about the checkout process. If you have any questions please contact our main office at (402) - 826 - 8111 or

When Do I need to checkout?

Non - Graduation Participants

24 Hours after your last final OR Friday, May 12th @ 9:00am

(Whichever is Earliest)

Graduation Participants

Monday, May 15th @ 9:00am

More information?

Attend one of our Closing Information Sessions!! They are all open to any students looking for information about the checkout process and are highly encouraged, especially for first year students.

How do i check out of the hall?

First Year Students: All first year students are required to go through the Standard Checkout Method.

Upperclassmen: Your are approved to utilize the Express Checkout Method. You may also utilize the Standard Method.

Fees to avoid!

Cleaning Fees

Trash not removed from your room could result in a $50 fee or more.

If your room is found in violation of the health and safety standards of the college we may contract an outside service to clean your room. This results in a minimum fee of $500.

Furniture Fees

Beds that are not completely unbunked or delofted amy result in a fee of $50.

Furniture not set according to the available room map may result in a fee of $50.

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings left behind will be disposed of by Residence Life staff. A removal fee of $50 or more may apply.

Mailbox Key Fee

Mailbox keys need to be returned to the Service Bureau (Mail Room). A $25 administrative fee may be applied for any keys returned to Residence Life.

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