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Public Administration

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Grand Island
School of Graduate and Professional Studies

A public administration major is designed to prepare individuals for careers in public service and not-for-profit organizations, and for the further development of those already in professional and para-professional careers.

No matter where your interests lie, you will be expected to have a good knowledge of government, an interest in business and a passion for serving others.

In addition to those who wish to complete a professional degree for a career in public service, the public administration major is recommended for those who seek to pursue a graduate degree in law.


Learning Environment

Our campuses are specifically designed to serve our adult students. 

We are proud to meet the needs and objectives you require as a student who juggles a college education with responsibilities as career professionals and parents.

You'll discover:

  • Open spaces equipped for collaboration, studying, lounging and learning.
  • Faculty who combine impressive academic qualifications with extensive professional experience.
  • Small, conveniently scheduled classes and a curriculum flexible enough to meet your individual needs.
  • Staff and advisers who care about you and all aspects of your academic career.

A friendly community where you can make lifelong connections with classmates from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds.


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BUS 242 - Management (3)
BUS 361 - Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management (3)
ECO 203 - Macroeconomics and Literacy (3)
PSI 101 - American Politics (3)
PSI 234 - Legislative and Executive Behavior (3)
PAD 493 - Public Administration Seminar (4-12)
BUS 215 - Statistics (3)
SSI 217 - Applied Statistics for Social Science (3)
BUS 250 - The Legal Environment of Business (3)
BUS 315 - Organizational Behavior (3)
BUS 418 - Human Resource Strategy (3)
ECO 204 - Microeconomics and Business (3)