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Physics Research at Doane

Learning to work as a scientist is an important goal of the Doane physics program.  Every physics major (unless you elect the teacher education track) completes a senior research project in a three semester research sequence.  Students work closely with a faculty mentor to define the project, carry it out, and then report the results in a formal thesis and at the college's undergraduate symposium, MindExpo, or at a regional or national meeting.

Both Professor Susan Enders and Professor Chris Wentworth have active research programs, as described below.

Enders Lab

Professor Enders conducts experimental investigations related to exploring the relationship between structure and mechanical properties of soft and compliant materials. Systems of interest include polymers in the bulk phase and in nanometer thin films, biological surfaces, such as natural attachment and arresting systems found in many insects and plants, biomaterials for mechanical energy storage, as well as bones and soft tissues.

Computational Physics Lab

Led by Professor Chris Wentworth, this lab uses the tools of statistical physics and computational science to investigate problems in condensed matter physics and biology.   Recent work includes developing computer simulations of solid state diffusion, computer simulations of biofilm growth, and image processing codes to help with plant genome research.
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