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Physics & Engineering Curriculum

The Doane College Physics and Engineering Department offers Bachelors of Science degrees in Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Physics.  The department also offers the Physics Minor.  
For the physics major, students may choose from three areas of emphasis: 
Computational Physics
Technological Entrepreneurship.
Detailed descriptions of the majors can be found at the following pages:
The department also teaches courses in the Foundational Areas of Knowledge part of the Core Curriculum.

Courses Offered by the Physics Department:

PHY-107&108 Introductory Physics (4-4).  Read more

PHY-201 & 202 General Physics (4-4). Read more

PHY-225 Sophomore Exam (0). Read more

PHY-302 Electricity and Magnetism (4).Read more

PHY-306 Mechanics (4).  Read more

PHY-308 Heat and Thermodynamics(4). Read more

PHY-312 Optics (4).  Read more

PHY-314 Modern Physics (4).  Read more

PHY-318 Statics (4).  Read more

PHY-325 Electronics (4).  Read more

PHY-405 Quantum Mechanics (4). Read more

PHY-435 Mathematical Methods for Physics (4).   Read more

PHY-395 Physics Research I (1).  Read more

PHY-495 Physics Research II (1).   Read more

PHY-496 Senior Seminar in Physics (1).  Read more

AST-103 Introductory Astronomy (3).   Read more

AST-103L Astronomy Laboratory (1).   Read more

PHS-105 Principles of Physical Science (4).  Read more