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Physics Department

Congratulations to our 2013 physics major graduates: Amy Craig, Lucas Frahm, Brad Higgins, Kent McCrimmon, Jacob Pederson, Matt Steffens, and Mike Steffens.  

We have several physics majors participating in research this summer. Zach Swanson will go to the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He will be doing research on developing oxide materials for optoelectronic applications.  Frank Mignon will be participating in the 2014 Doane Summer Undergraduate Research Program working with Professor Chris Wentworth on computational problems related to biofilm simulation and image processing. 

Introduction to the Department

Physics is concerned with basic questions about the structure and behavior of the physical universe: the description and causes of motion, the nature of energy and energy changes in systems, the interactions between particles, the relationship between the macroscopic behavior of a system and its microscopic parts. It is both a foundation for understanding other sciences, such as astronomy, chemistry and biology, and a source of practical knowledge used by the engineering disciplines which promote technological advances.

The Doane College Physics Department seeks to encourage student curiousity about the natural world and develop student understanding of it through the study of the most fundamental of the natural sciences.  The department serves students needing a general education science course, students majoring in other sciences requiring a technical background in physics, and students pursuing the physics major.

We offer a physics major and minor. Students interested in earning a professional engineering degree can participate in our Dual Degree Engineering Program, which allows earning a bachelors of science degree in physics from Doane and a bachelors of engineering from an ABET accredited college of engineering.  For additional information on the dual degree program, see the Pre-engineering Page.

Additional information about the department, its programs, and its students can be found in the links on the left.


The links below go to educational projects of national interest developed by faculty and students in the Department of Physics.

Doane Physics Video Library

This library contains video clips of physics-related phenomena in Quicktime and Flash formats. The clips can be used with video analysis software to obtain data. This collection was chosen to be a quality peer-reviewed resource by MERLOT (

The Humanized Physics Project

This NSF supported curriculum development project seeks to create an algebra-based introductory physics curriculum motivated by exploring how the human body works.

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