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Phi Sigma Tau Sorority

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Mascot: Monkey

Flower: Daisy

President Ali Miller
Rush Chair Stacy Manson

Early in February 1907, a group of young women met to discuss “the need of keeping up on current events of the day and the value of parliamentary practice,” which led to the formation of the Gabble Alley Current Events Club. After conferring with faculty, the club transformed itself into a Greek letter organization that spring. Phi Sigma Tau was the first sorority at Doane College. Phi Sigs pride themselves in their display of loyalty, unity, strength, confidence, honesty and creation of life-long relationships.

The mission of Phi Sigma Tau sorority is to create and build strong, loyal and supportive relationships between active members and alumni. Phi Sigs provide each other with respect and encouragement, which advances each woman’s confidence, determination and pride within themselves and guides members in becoming leaders both within the Doane community and beyond.