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The Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for placement of advertising at local, regional and national levels. If you have an interest in placing advertising in any fashion, please contact us so that we may assist and track all Doane advertising efforts. Address advertising questions to Mike Lefler, Senior Director of Strategic Communications.

Doane Magazine

The Office of Strategic Communications writes, edits, designs and lays out Doane Magazine, our bi-annual publication dedicated to reaching our thousands of alumni and donors. All story ideas and news for Doane Magazine can be submitted to OSC for consideration. The goal of Doane Magazine is to keep alumni and donors up to date with everything that is going on at all Doane campuses and to tell stories of success from Doane alums. Doane Magazine questions and story ideas may be submitted to Lucas Fahrer, Communications Specialist.

Editorial Support

Much of our work centers on the written word. We pursue core branding strategies in all written communication to enhance the college’s image and reputation.

A writing expert and invaluable resource, Lucas Fahrer edits Doane Magazine and works closely with our team to craft, edit, proof and advise on text for a range of communications including brochures, Web pages, news releases, and more. Lucas takes the lead in updating Doane’s style guide. Refer to this whenever you have questions; it is online at This is a helpful resource whether you want to know the full name and spelling of a campus building, the proper usage of the college name or how to correctly place a comma or an apostrophe.

Graphic Design

Doane is fortunate to enjoy the talents of senior graphic designer Eileen Chalupa. She works with the rest of the OSC team to enhance the college’s visual identity. She provides design, layout and production services for Doane projects, including recruitment and fundraising publications, special event materials, advertisements and innumerable other projects.

Project Timeline Guidelines

The OSC team at Doane is eager to work with you on your publication needs. Since your project will be placed on a production schedule with dozens of other projects, we encourage you to meet with us early in your planning process. Our goal is to provide you with top-quality productions in a timely manner. A timeline will be assigned in the preliminary meeting of your project. We kindly ask that more than two weeks is given for any project being submitted through OSC. More time may be required for some projects, so please plan accordingly.

Our brand guide specifies appropriate college font, color, and logo uses is available online at

Media Relations

Coordinating news coverage by placing stories in the media is an important function of the Office of Strategic Communications. Senior director Mike Lefler proposes stories that advance the college’s strategic interests and intersect with the public’s appetite for news and information.

Whether on behalf of departments, offices or the institution as a whole, we promote coverage that highlights our values and our future-focused priorities. We succeed with angles that are timely and topical, have human interest or that educate and stimulate external audiences in some way. We strive to be a resource through which reporters can find expert sources on our faculty and staff and through which they can hear about the achievements of our students and alumni. Media relations also serves the college in crisis situations.

A Few General Media Relations Guidelines

-       Please refer all media queries to the Office of Strategic Communications. We like to be aware of news or feature stories in progress and we like to be of service to the media and you.

-       Keep Mike Lefler appraised of your areas of expertise and activities. This would include awards, publications, grants, appearances or projects of particular current relevance or interest. Mike can promote these locally and regionally and work to place stories nationally as appropriate.

-       Timing is everything. The sooner we know about a possible story, the better the odds are that we can place it effectively. For events, we need advance notice of at least a month, and for other items, even longer lead time is preferred. If you are involved in breaking news, contact us immediately.

-       Be available and prepared for the media. Journalist queries can be exciting or daunting-sometimes both. To help make interviews a success, keep the following in mind:

o   When speaking with a journalist, everything you say is fair game for quotation, even if you present it as “off the record” or “on background.”

o   When speaking with a journalist, don’t appear to evade or stonewall by saying “no comment”. If you are not sure how to respond to a question, please refer the reporter to the Office of Strategic Communications.

o   It helps to write down a few quick and concise points to stress during the interview. Avoid being too technical, keeping in mind your audience. If the journalist represents mass audiences, his or her background in your subject will be far less extensive than if he or she is reporting for a niche trade or academic outlet.

o   Offer to be a resource to the reporter in fact checking. Suggest the reporter read or email your quotes and any other facts back to you following the interview for fact checking only. This way, you can help the reporter ensure accuracy before going to press.

Photography and Video

The Office of Strategic Communications works with a number of professional photographers to capture high-quality images for Doane for use online and in print.

Our digital marketing specialist can assist you with your image needs, whether they are for a printed piece, a Web page or another communications vehicle. We can deploy staff or hire freelance photographers, Action, event, portrait, large group or other specialty photography needs should be communicated well in advance. In most cases, photography requests are borne by the requesting department or office.

Photography assignments are coordinated by the digital marketing specialist. Photos taken by Doane employees or student workers are credited as Doane photos.

Video is an emerging medium for college marketing. We have equipment in house and are developing expertise specifically for storytelling and media relations. Please contact the digital marketing specialist with any questions regarding photography and video.

Print Coordination

Doane is fortunate to have printing services on campus through our service bureau. Sometimes, the job is larger than service bureau equipment can take on. In these cases, the OSC can assist you by working with our preferred print vendors to secure quality printing off site for the most reasonable cost available. Please contact Mike Lefler for assistance with these projects.

Promotional Items

The Office of Strategic Communications can often assist in providing a limited number for Doane-branded promotional items for your department to use as giveaways. If you’re looking for a special promotional item for branding, we can also assist with that. By working with our local vendors, we’ll be able to get you exactly what you’re looking for and assist in the appropriate branding for each item. Please note that all promotional items will be billed to the department requesting the items. Contact Mike Lefler with assistance with promotional items.

Social Media

Social media and social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and Instagram provide important avenues for the college.

These are strategic tools used for two-way communication. They allow people to connect. They drive people to the college.

Social media is used intentionally in Admission, Alumni Relations, Athletics, GPS and OSC but it can be used by anyone. We encourage faculty, staff and students to take advantage of these dynamic, interactive communication tools. We can help you familiarize yourself with these tools and get you up and running.

If you have questions about anything on the “official” social media channels of Doane College contact our digital marketing specialist.