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The Brand

The Doane College brand is one of our most valuable assets. It defines who we are and what we do. As Nebraska's premier liberal arts college and one of the state's leading adult education institutions, it is important to protect our brand with guidelines and rules of use.

This guide is designed to both assist and empower you in using the Doane College brand. Included are specific directions for use of logos, fonts, colors, etc. All branded materials with an external audience need to be submitted to the Office of Strategic Communications at for final approval before publication.

Quick Start

Approved logos and marks

Only official marks may be used. Do not create or use any logo or mark other than those approved by the OSC and described in this guide. If you need a custom mark, contact the OSC for assistance.

Embrace the orange

Orange is one of the strongest elements of Doane's identity. Incorporate it into digital and printed publications to give your audience a visual cue that they are looking at something from Doane College.

Advertising approval

All off-campus advertising must be approved by the OSC.

T-shirt design approval

All t-shirt designs must be approved by the OSC prior to production.

Digital letterhead

The official Doane letterhead is available in digital format for generating PDF letters of recommendation, etc. Contact the OSC for your personalized template.

Promotional items

If you are in need of imprinted items for a special event or give-away, you may order promotional items yourself or contact the OSC for assistance. All promotional items must be approved by the OSC prior to production.

NOTE: Special one-color logos are available for use on promotional items. Please contact the OSC for appropriate logos when ordering promotional items. Refer to the Brand Guide for rules of use.

Logo Updates

In the spring of 2014, Doane's logos were updated for color consistency. Please update any logos on your hard drive or shared drives with the newest versions. Old logos, including all-orange variations, are no longer in use. Please delete old files so they aren't accidentally used. Refer to the Brand Guide for rules of use.


1872 Shield

The 1872 Shield logo is the official Doane College logo and should appear on ALL printed and digital materials intended for an external audience. There are three arrangements available in four color combinations.

The stacked logo is the preferred arrangement. If spacing does not permit the use of the stacked logo, consider the vertical arrangement first and the horizontal last.

Centering the horizontal logo

When centering the horizontal arrangement of the 1872 Shield, be sure to center the logo on the shield, not the full width of the graphic. In other words the center of the shield should fall on the center of the page. This will make the words appear slightly off-center, but this arrangement is preferred to the shield being off-center.

centering the horizontal 1872 shield logo


To ensure legibility, the shield should not appear any smaller than 7/16 inch (0.4375"). When resizing, use the shift key to maintain the original proportion of the mark.

1872 shield sizing

Reversing the logo

The 1872 Shield cannot simply be "reversed" for print on various backgrounds—this is especially important to remember when ordering promotional items. Special logo files are available for use on light or dark backgrounds. When requesting a logo, try to include details such as on what color the logo will be printed.

Single-ink logo uses

single-ink logo uses graphic

Acceptable logo uses

acceptable logo use graphic

Unacceptable logo uses

unacceptable logo use graphic

Secondary Marks

Official variations of the 1872 Shield logo are available for certain divisions and special programs of Doane College. Do not create your own variation.

doane college secondary mark

Rules of use for these marks are the same as those for the 1872 Shield (see above).

Custom logos

Certain campus and student organizations have been approved to use a custom logo in conjunction with the official Doane logo. To qualify, certain requirements must be met. Do not create your own custom logo.

doane stuco logo

To apply for approval, contact the OSC.

Additional Resources

Additional resources, such as downloads, how-tos and templates can be found here.