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"College of" Campaign

It has been more than a year of transformation, strategic planning, and establishing opportunities to better the educational experience for all of our students. Now, we have a transformed Doane brand to help us get there.  A brand plan that will break down the secrets about our great college, and show the Midwest and beyond that we are indeed not an average liberal arts and sciences college - but rather an exceptional one. With this in mind, the "College of ______" brand was born. This flexible concept allows us to market all of Doane's campuses with a variety of different powerful messages that all reinforce our brand promise to deliver an exceptional education that opens countless possibilities. 

College of doing what you love. College of fit in and stand out.  College of it'll change everything. College of loving every minute.  

These are just a few of the "College Of " phrases you'll start to see on billboards, banners, radio and other advertising. 


Show - or tell - us what "College of" means to you? What does Doane mean to your life or your career or ability to impact students? Or do you have a great "College of" tagline we should use? Please tell us in the form below, or show us by tweeting a short video with your message @DoaneCollege.

Got input? Great, we want it!

College of Family. My friends, my professors, and my department are my family. When times get hard I know who I can turn to and that is my Doane Family. The memories I've had and will continue to share are important to being at Doane.

-Katie Leware


Love the new brand for my alma mater, @DoaneCollege. #Collegeof #CollegeofUnlimitedOpportunities #CollegeofProudAlum

-Wes Jensen, via Twitter (@wesjensen86)

College of feels like home. College of we got your back.College of building role models. College of you. College of your next chapter in life. College of tradition and values never graduate. Choosing to go to Doane, back in 2008, was one of the hardest and best decisions of my life. The community and family feeling, made it feel like I was home. The coaches on the track team were great role models and the lessons they taught me over the four years of competing in Track and Field have made me become a better person to this day. No matter what the task was, somebody at Doane always had my back. Ranging from the wonderful ladies in the Registrar's office pushing me academically, to the maintenance staff who always said hello, the familiar faces in the classrooms, the teachers doing the most they can for you to succeed, the coaching staff leading me in the right direction, everything Doane does is for you. The college that has everything to do with the chapter in my life right now and hopefully many future chapters. As soon as I graduated, I wanted to continue being apart of the Doane family, what better way than to work for Doane! I love the fact that the students will graduate, but the the tradition and values does not.

-Kelsee Meissner '12 Alum

College Of: New Beginnings. College Of: Starting Fresh.

-Mackenzie Maly

Perhaps incorporate the LIVE Doane IE: College of Leadership, Inquiry,Values, Engagement. Other College of ideas could be Discovery, Imagination, Entrepreneurship, Destination.

-Dan Meyer

College of...Getting where you want to go, College of ...Making a difference.

-Linda Kalbach

College of...Transformation. Wherever you are at in your life when you come to Doane, by the end of your education you are changed. Your experiences help shape you into the person you want to be and also prepare you for your future.

-Alex Cape

College of …expanding horizons. Through Doane I was able to travel to China, work with various students from different cultures, and be involved in EVERYTHING I wanted to be all in a small private school! I also was able to work in Korea because of faculty connections at Doane, it was an amazing experience to be there for two years.

-Amber Straka

College of: Learning, experiencing and accomplishing more than you've ever imagined.

-Callie Cox

College's never too late!

-Emily Heathcock


@DoaneCollege #CollegeOf home; no matter how long it's been, it's always a blessing to go back & reunite with friends-turned-family.

-Blake Tobey, via Twitter (@BlakeTobey)

College of...making me feel like an individual and not a number in the system. Also, College of...making me love learning again.

-Julie Ferrin


#Collegeof professors that want to learn with you #natureexplore

-Hannah Schroeder, via Twitter (@hschro00)

College of Defining Yourself. At Doane you can become anything you want to be. No matter how crazy of a dream you have, there is always someone to help you make your dream come true. It's also a college that helps you dig deep into yourself and understand your personal values and beliefs and Doane helps you express them. Define yourself. Become the person you want to be. And do it here at Doane.

-Erin Burrows


#CollegeOf Lifelong Learning

-Julie Hensel, via Twitter (@juliehensel)


Loving #Doane's new image! For me, it has been a #CollegeOf #world-wide #opportunities.

-Caitlin Moore, via Twitter (@CaitlinFMoore)

College of Singing your Heart out, and having people listen!

-Kevin Gunter

College of Endless Opportunity where everyone is nice and willing to help you get to where you are going.  The professors are always willing to help and provide a comfortable and personal learning environment.  I feel that I am able to achieve whatever I want in life because of Doane College.

-Caleb White

College of where do you want to go?

-Jan Willems