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Omega Psi Theta Sorority

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Mascot:  Flamingo (social atmosphere of sisterhood and the unity of the flock)

Symbol:  Wheel (continuity of friendship and sisterhood, yet expresses individuality and mutual respect)

Flower:  Sweet Pea (beauty of joined sisterhood and special hopes, wishes and dreams)

President Hannah Johnke 
Rush chair Megan O'Brien

In 1916, Doane's student enrollment increased to the point where it was felt that a third sorority was needed. To satisfy this need, Omega Psi Theta was formed.  Omega Psi Theta places special importance on scholarship, community service and individuality.  Academics are held in high regard, with a minimum GPA requirement and group study hours held on a bi-weekly basis.  Omega Psi Theta emphasizes individuality along with unity. Although the group is close-knit, the girls are involved in a wide variety of activities across many organizations and activities on campus.

Community service is also extremely important to the group. In the past years, Omega Psi Theta has participated in service projects including Huskers Helping the Homeless, the Chiari Walk, Crocheting for a Cause, the Alzheimer’s Walk and more.