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Photo of Students in the RN to BSN Nursing Program at DoaneRN to BSN - Program Overview

The RN to BSN program, accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), allows licensed registered nurses to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Doane recognizes your academic, clinical and professional experiences in the health care profession constitute a foundation upon which to build a degree program in the liberal arts tradition. Completion of degree requirements involves courses in nursing and the liberal arts that will continue the development of skills for critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution and team building and will develop a knowledge base for leadership in your profession.


Admission Requirements

  • A copy of an unencumbered current Nebraska Registered Nursing license, a compact state registered nursing license, or a temporary permit issued by the Nebraska Health and Human Services Regulations Licensure Division
  • A completed Application for Admission form
  • An official transcript from the school of nursing and each college or university attended.

Doane University will evaluate all courses submitted by the transfer applicant and reserves the right to accept or deny any of the credits offered for transfer. Credit hours earned with grades of "C-" or better at an accredited institution of higher education prior to admission to Doane University may be transferred.

Mission of the RN to BSN Program

As a compliment to the mission of Doane University, the RN to BSN program seeks to inform and inspire nurses in the art, culture, and science of health care in order to save and improve lives, to teach others how to achieve better health, and to advocate for people when they are in their weakest state. Our purpose is to help nurses develop into compassionate, self-motivated health care professionals who have the knowledge and skills to act as leaders in the health care industry.

Real Balance: Global Wellness Services

Doane University has partnered with Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. to provide the best Wellness & Health Coach Certification training to its nursing students. Becoming a professional health and wellness coach will add value to the nursing profession, and have a positive impact on patients and their families by improving communication and patient outcomes. Coaches act as change agents, which is vital in our health care system today. Upon graduation from Doane, nursing students will be eligible to sit for the health and wellness certification exam offered through Real Balance.
An instructor within the College has been trained in Wellness Mapping 360 Methodology of wellness coaching (developed by Real Balance) and has become a Licensed Trainer with Real Balance. The Doane faculty are working with Real Balance to give Doane students the best and most current Health Coach education and the opportunity to become Certified Wellness & Health Coaches. This collaborative and visionary adventure will begin in 2015.
Real Balance is a distinguished leader in the field of Wellness & Health Coach Certification Training and offers a comprehensive methodology that provides a systematic framework for wellness and healthcare professionals, organizations and independent coaching practices. Our Wellness & Health Coach Certification’s proven structure effectively supports an individual’s movement toward successfully achieving positive lasting lifestyle behavioral change. Real Balance offers coaching training courses along the Professional Coach Path supported by the International Coaching Federation and Nurse Coach Credential. Training courses include entry-level core competencies, advanced coaching competencies, mentor coaching, group coaching, and distance learning. At the forefront of the wellness movement since inception and First in Health & Wellness Coach Training, Real Balance is committed to advancing the implementation of coaching services into healthcare and organizations worldwide.


Learning Environment

Our Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha campuses are specifically designed to serve our adult nontraditional - undergraduate, graduate and non-degree-seeking students. 

We are proud to meet the needs and objectives of students who have to juggle a college education with responsibilities as career professionals and parents.


As a student here, you'll discover:

  • A rich selection of degree and course options, including some of the most relevant graduate programs in Nebraska.
  • Faculty who combine impressive academic qualifications with extensive professional experience.
  • Small, conveniently scheduled classes and a curriculum flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

A friendly community where you can make lifelong connections with classmates from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds.


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LAR 101 - Inquiry Seminar: Learning the Art of Inquiry (3)
LAR 202 - Integrative Seminar: Democracy and Diversity (3)
BIO 219 - Pathophysiology (3)
BIO 309 - Your Body, Your Health, Your Choices (3)
CMS 220 - Interpersonal Communication (3)
ECO 203 - Macroeconomics and Literacy (3)
ECO 329 - Health Care Economics (3)
MTH 107 - Problem Solving (3)
NRS 215 - Applied Statistics for Health Care (3)
NRS 220 - Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness (3)
NRS 305 - Personal Leadership Development I (1)
NRS 306 - Personal Leadership Development II (1)
NRS 307 - Personal Leadership Development III (1)
NRS 310 - Research in Nursing (3)
NRS 315 - Health Care Policy in the United States (3)
NRS 320 - Community Health (3)
NRS 325 - Nursing in a Global Community (3)
NRS 330 - Health Care Information Systems (3)
NRS 410 - Critical Issues in Professional Nursing (3)
NRS 416 - Leadership in Professional Practice (3)
NRS 420 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice (3)
PSY 365 - Psychology of Personality (3)
CSA 101 - Introduction to Word Processing (1)
CSA 109 - Information Retrieval Skills (1)
ART 101 - Art Appreciation (3)
ART 107 - Two-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 110 - Three-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 207 - Drawing (3)
ART 234 - Introduction to Digital Photography (3)
ART 235 - Color Theory and Application (3)
FAR 103 - Introduction to Fine Arts: Music (3)
FAR 104 - Fundamentals of Music (3)
FAR 281 - Introduction to Fine Arts: Performing Arts (3)
MUS 125 - History of Rock and Roll (3)
THE 101 - Introduction to Theatre (3)
THE 103 - Acting I (3)
THE 112 - Oral Interpretation (3)
ENG 101 - Writing Seminar (3)
BIO 115 - Microbiology for Nurses I (2)
BIO 116 - Microbiology for Nurses II (2)
BIO 215 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIO 216 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
CHM 101 - Introduction to Chemistry (4)
CHM 125 - General Chemistry I (4)
PSY 117 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
PED 209 - Nutrition (3)