Doane Students Help With Community Service

Doane Students Help With Community Service

Doane College's newest students were welcomed into the Crete community during their freshman orientation weekend.

Amongst a weekend filled with activities to acclimate these students to campus, the class of 2016 was given an opportunity to give back to the Crete community.

On August 24, the orientation groups removed trash and debris from various streets in Crete.

Carrie Petr, Director of the Hansen Leadership Program and Coordinator of New Student Orientation, explained that the purpose of community service during orientation was two-fold.

"The first purpose is for students to give back to their new community," Petr said. "The second is for orientation groups to work together as a team and do some good."

Petr said she preferred having the groups work together in Crete, rather than busing the students to the Lincoln City Mission as they had done in the past.

One orientation group was given a special opportunity to clean up Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church in Crete after a community member heard about the community service project.

Quint Geis, a senior orientation leader, was involved in this project.

"It was nice to have interaction with people in the community and help clean up a church," Geis said. "[It] continues to foster a good relationship between Crete and Doane."

Geis said he enjoyed seeing the improvements made to the exterior of the church in the short time his group was there and hearing how grateful the church members were for their service.

"Community service helps students to feel a part of the community," Geis said. "It's very personal."

Petr said she hoped other area businesses and churches could be included in future community service projects.

The feedback from the community was positive and appreciative, Petr said.

"We hope to repeat the event next year with improvements."



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