Doane Students Help Crete True Value Move

While some students were headed home for fall break, the pep band and football team came together to help a local business in need. The combined groups - 166 students total - helped Crete True Value owner Dan Papik move to a new downtown location on Oct. 21.

crete true valueCrete True Value needed to move between $400,000 and $500,000 worth of merchandise from their old location to their new building (the former SunMart), due to their expanding business.

The groups managed to complete the task in just over two hours.

Papik said the students were all smiles and willing to help in moving the merchandise from one location to the next.

He said Dr. Jay Gilbert, music department chair, and Matt Franzen, head football coach, helped round up their groups to volunteer their time.

Papik said Gilbert was good at laying out the plan to move items, and that the move was efficient and fun.

Gilbert described the way the students worked together as more like a carnival than actual work.

"It was well organized enough that everybody had an assignment," Gilbert said.

true value move

Junior Ashton Kotas plays in the pep band, and said she enjoyed the opportunity to get to know another group on campus.

"I really liked working alongside the football boys," Kotas said. "It wasn't separated by football versus pep band--we were all together."

One exchange that Papik said he heard an abundance of that night were the words "please" and "thank you."

"To me, it's still kind of amazing and overwhelming," Papik said.

As a gift to show his appreciation, Papik said he would be giving the students shirts that said both Doane College and Crete True Value on them.

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