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Doane Qualifies Seven Students for Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference

Seven Doane students took home trophies from the Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference and qualified for the National Leadership Conference in June in Anaheim, Calif.

The conference, held in Kearney, included 58 competitive events. The requirements of the events varied and included aspects like tests, speeches, role plays, team performances, and individual performances.

Doane recorded six first place finishes and five second place finishes.

Sophomore Jenna Woitaszewski was also elected as the Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State Vice President of Finance for the 2013-2014 school year.

Individuals who placed in the top two for each category are invited to the National Leadership Conference for their qualifying event.

Student results include:

Stacy Manson (freshman) Sales Presentation (1st)

Jenna Woitaszewski (sophomore) Parliamentary Procedure Team Event (1st), Economic Analysis and Decision Making Team Event (1st), Client Service (2nd), Macroeconomics (3rd), Management Concepts (5th), Who’s Who Winner

Taylor Ziegler (sophomore) Management Concepts (1st), Parliamentary Procedure Team Event (1st), Public Speaking (3rd), Business Communication (4th)

Julia Downey (sophomore) Parliamentary Procedure Team Event (1st), Contemporary Sports Issues (2nd), Sports Management and Marketing (3rd)

Evan Hughes (sophomore) Cyber Security (5th)

Leslee Damrow (sophomore) Accounting for Professionals (1st)

Mike Wiederspan (junior) Cyber Security (4th), Accounting for Professionals (5th)

Tyler Pooschke (junior) Parliamentary Procedure Team Event (1st), Economic Analysis and Decision Making Team Event (1st), Statistical Analysis (1st), Microeconomics (2nd), Macroeconomics (4th)

Morgan Holder (senior) Integrated Marketing Campaign (2nd), Marketing Analysis and Decision Making (2nd), Management Analysis and Decision Making (4th), Job Interview (4th)