Doane Announces New Director of Annual Fund and Advancement Operations

Doane Announces New Director of Annual Fund and Advancement Operations

Amy Jurgens has joined Doane’s Advancement Office as the director of annual fund and advancement operations.

She will be in charge of the Doane Scholarship fund and general operations in the Advancement area.

“People (at Doane) have been very kind,” she said. “It’s a much larger staff than I’m used to working with. It’s a nice change of pace.”

Jurgens use to work at Lincoln Lutheran High School where she was the director of development for the past seven years. She said in this role she did similar fundraising and coming to Doane was a good opportunity to have more responsibility.

“I saw the opportunity at Doane and thought it would be a good way to expand on things that I’ve already learned,” she said, “to step up and have a new challenge.”

Before working for Lincoln Lutheran, Jurgens worked in banking. She said once she moved over into fundraising, she learned on the job.

“I learned a lot and made some wonderful friends while I was there,” Jurgens said.

Vice President for Advancement Kevin Meyer said Jurgens’ prior experiences in banking and student financial aid programs have contributed to the great skill set that she brought to Doane.

Jurgens said her favorite part of fundraising was developing relationships with donors.

“It is rewarding, in this line of work, to hear why people are passionate about their ‘causes,’” she said. “Every story is different but well worth a listen.”

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