200 Doane Students To Volunteer at People's City Mission

The weeds don't stand a chance.

On Friday, Aug. 26, new Doane College students will arrive en masse in Lincoln to tackle an outdoor renovation project at the People's City Mission.

About 200 first-year students volunteered for the project as part of their campus orientation activities, in conjunction with Doane's Hansen Leadership Program.

Their labor will give a boost to a project that has been on the backburner at People's City Mission, according to Amy Cink, the mission's volunteer coordinator.

Right now, the area behind the mission at 110 Q St. is overgrown with weeds. It's unused, save for the informal path where people frequently cut across the property. Because of its location in a floodplain area , building options are limited, Cink said. So they purchased materials to create a park-like setting for walks, picnics or a few minutes of peace.

That's where the Doane students come in. They will spend the afternoon clearing weeds, putting down mulch, constructing a walking path and placing benches.

"Everyone here is so excited. The people we assist can have an area to sit in that's peaceful and quiet," Cink said.

People's City Mission has served the Lincoln area for over 100 years. Its mission is to feed and shelter the homeless and impoverished, while sharing and teaching faith. 

The project will be a first for both Doane and the mission.

It marks the first time Doane's annual first-year student volunteer day takes place in Lincoln.

"This is a beautiful project for the students - a project they know will impact people for a long time," said Wilma Jackson, Doane's director of Multicultural Support Services.

And for the mission, Cink said, this is the first time working with a volunteer group of this size.

About 30 additional student volunteers from Doane will help out at Community Action Partnership in Lincoln the same day.

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