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Welcome to the Doane Music Department

Doane offers three music degree programs:

  • general music (often combined with another major)
  • music performance
  • music education

Our music degree programs will prepare you for a career in music and/or music education through the serious study of music performance, theory, history, literature, conducting, and teaching methods. You will also develop skills in critical thinking, aural perception, and self-evaluation.

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Interested in a Scholarship?

We offer a performing arts scholarship to students interested in participating in our ensembles. You do not have to be a music major or minor to receive a music scholarship at Doane. 

Visit the financial aid scholarship page for information on how to apply.

Learning Environment

Music ClassesMusic classes are held in the Communications building, which features rehearsal rooms for band and choir and numerous practice rooms. There are approximately 200 students enrolled in Doane’s Music Department. Small classes provide an intimate learning experience, and students benefit from one-on-one instruction and state-of-the-art technology

The college owns a great deal of music equipment including two Steinway concert pianos, state-of-the-art recording equipment featuring the industry standard Pro Tools software. Additionally, significant gifts to the college Music Department have made it possible to provide future upgrades of equipment, facilities and experiences for students.

Instrumental PerformanceThe Music Department enjoys two performance spaces on campus. The Heckman Auditorium is a 525-seat performance space in which all major concerts, such as the Homecoming Concert and Christmas Festival, take place. Several Music Department events are also held each year in newly remodeled Whitcomb-Lee Conservatory.

Doane regularly brings great artists and educators from around the country to campus. Recent visits include such notable artists as jazz pianist Valerie Capers, choral arranger Alice Parker, bass-baritone Kyle Ketelsen, wind band conductors Robert Grechesky and Frank Tracz, pianists Arnoldo Cohen, Spencer Myer, and Joel Fan, and ensembles such as the Cantus, Imani Winds and the Modigliani String Quartet.

Music ChoirEvery year students have the opportunity to travel as members of the college's elite musical organizations. Recent choral tours have included Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico and South Dakota. The choir tours internationally every three years.  Recent band tours have included performances in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Portland and Seattle. The choir and band each take a major two week tour every three years. Students have the opportunity to travel on both of these trips.

The high quality of our music program has brought recognition to both our students and our musical organizations. Both the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the Jazz Unlimited vocal jazz ensemble were selected to perform at the 2010 Nebraska Music Educators Association Conference. The Doane choral program has performed with both the Omaha and Lincoln Symphonies, and has also performed with Abendmusik at First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln. Doane Choir was selected to perform at the 2009 Nebraska Music Educators Association Conference and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble has also performed for both the Nebraska Music Educators Association conference and The Nebraska State Bandmaster's Association conference. Last year the Symphonic Wind Ensemble presented a clinic with nationally known music educator Dr. Jeremy Lane at the annual Nebraska State Bandmaster's Association meeting.

Student Organizations

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MUS 100 - Piano Proficiency (0)
MUS 115 - Theory of Music I (4)
MUS 116 - Theory of Music II (3)
MUS 204 - Basic Conducting (2)
MUS 215 - Theory of Music III (2)
MUS 235 - Survey of Musical Literature (2)
MUS 307 - History of Music I (3)
MUS 308 - History of Music II (2)
MUS 496 - Senior Seminar (2)
MUS 111A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 111B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 111C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 112A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 112B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 112C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 211A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 211B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 211C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 212A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 212B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 212C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 311A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 311B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 311C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 312A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 312B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 312C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 411A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 411B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 411C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 412A - Piano (1-2)
MUS 412B - Voice (1-2)
MUS 412C - Instruments (1-2)
MUS 190 - Concert Band (0-1)
MUS 191 - Doane Choir (0-1)
MUS 192 - Collegiate Chorale (0-1)
MUS 195 - Symphonic Wind Ensemble (0-1)
MUS 196 - String Chamber Music (0-1)
MUS 198 - Women's Chorale (0-1)
FAR 104 - Fundamentals of Music (3)
MUS 301 - Half Recital (0)
MUS 401 - Full Recital (1)
MUS 121 - Introduction to Music Education (1)
MUS 205 - Percussion/String Methods (2)
MUS 207 - Brass Techniques (1)
MUS 208 - Woodwind Techniques (1)
MUS 221 - Elementary Music Methods (3)
MUS 305 - Advanced Conducting (2)
MUS 316 - Foundations of Music Teaching and Learning (0)
MUS 331 - Choral Methods (3)
MUS 341 - Instrumental Methods (3)
MUS 426 - Seminar in Music Teaching (4)
MUS 431 - Advanced Topics in Music Education (2)
MUS 105A - Class Piano (0-1)
MUS 105B - Class Voice (1)
MUS 106A - Class Piano (0-1)
MUS 106B - Class Voice (1)
MUS 107A - Class Piano (0-1)
MUS 108A - Class Piano (0-1)