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Meet the Staff

Julie Pinnell Julie Pinnell, MA-Library Science - Director of Perkins Library             

Julie earned her master's degree from the University of Iowa. Her areas of responsibility are information literacy instruction, reference, and planning and management of library operations. An experienced public services librarian, Julie just wants everyone to love their library!

Contact Information:;             402.826.8568      

Jayne Germer Jayne Germer, MLS - Learning & e-Resources Librarian, rank of Associate Professor             

Jayne is a Doane graduate with a Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University. She is responsible for selecting materials for the library collections as well as teaching information skills to students and managing the library's Web pages.

Contact Information:;             402.826.8567

Janet Jeffries Janet Jeffries, MA-History - Doane University Historian             

Janet has a Masters Degree in History and has worked at Doane for several years, wearing many hats throughout the years in the marketing and advancement offices as well as the library. Janet assists the Library and Archives staff by providing historical context, gives presentations on the history of the university, and serves as the university's liaison to the Doane Family Association.

Contact Information:;             402.826.8234      

Holly Baber Holly Baber - Library Assistant, Cataloger             

Holly catalogs all materials that become a part of the Perkins Library collection, and manages the reserves. She also provides assistance to any patron or co-worker that may need help in the library. Completing her Bachelor degree at Doane in 2010, all of her children also have attended Doane. Holly enjoys reading and staying busy with family.

Contact Information:;             402.826.8569      

Judy Bespalec Judy Bespalec - Library Assistant, Periodicals             

Judy has seen Doane change since she started in 2000. She works with the periodicals and students with their needs. Judy grew up in Crete, coming to the campus for different occasions and events before working at Doane. She is a mother, wife, and mother-in-law of Doane graduates.

Contact Information:;             402.826.8571      

Tammy Roach Tammy Roach - Library Assistant, Interlibrary Loan             

Tammy has been called a "wizard" at locating those hard-to-find pieces of information. In addition to interlibrary loan, she helps patrons if they need assistance in the library. Tammy enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family. 

Contact Information:;             402.826.8566