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School of Arts and Sciences

If you have an interest in quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills, then mathematics is the right major for you.

It is the foundation that other sciences are built on. 

  • A math major at Doane is the perfect fit for you if you have multiple interests like biomathematics, biological sciences, computer science, computational science, economics or engineering. 
  • Mathematics is an easy major to combine with other majors. Common  double-majors include business, computer science, physics, biology, chemistry, political science, Spanish, philosophy and art.
  • We offer an "Actuarial Emphasis"
    • We pay for actuarial exams
    • Are accredited by the Society of Actuaries to offer VEE (Valuation by Educational Experience) credit
    • Offer a class to help students pass their first exam
    • Every student who has seriously pursued this career path has succeeded at Doane 
  • Senior math majors complete an individual, undergraduate research project.
  • Each spring, seniors present their research at the "Symposium in Undergraduate Mathematics" to other math students from colleges throughout the state.

Many of Doane's math majors pursue advanced study in mathematics, education, engineering, statistics and other subjects.

Teacher Education

Now is truly an exciting time to get into mathematics education. Teachers of mathematics are in high demand nationwide. Mathematics education at Doane has long been recognized for its excellence. For more than 30 years, every mathematics education graduate seeking a teaching position has received job offers.

  • Math education graduates take 12 credits toward a master's degree the summer following graduation, adding extra value to their first year as a teacher.

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