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Living Off Campus

If you've never lived on your own, you may be surprised at some of the things you're expected to pay for. Careful evaluation of your housing needs and options is a vital part of the housing search process.

Things to consider when deciding the right option for you:

  • Show me the money:  What can you afford and still have a life?
  • Location, location, location:  Is it within walking distance? Will your costs for gas go up?
  • House or apartment:  What are you responsible to maintain (scoop snow, mow grass etc.) if you rent a house vs. an apt.?
  • Social life:  Will you still be able to afford to meet up with friends for the fun things?
  • Time commitment:  Will you need to work extra hours to make enough money, or just plan a little better with the money you have?
  • Roommate:  Who would be a good fit for a roomie? 

Off Campus Costs (per month for single occupancy)

Costs are estimated. Please take the time to do your own research for exact prices.

Rent $450-$625
Basic Cable & Internet Bundled $90-$120
Electric $50-$75
Food $200-$300
Gas $80(Crete) $200(Lincoln)
Renters insurance $15
 Total* $885-$1,335

*This does not include miscellaneous spending

On Campus Costs (per month)

Rent  $273
 Cable  $0
 Internet  $0
 Electric  $0
 Food  $406
 Gas  $80
 Total  $759

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