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LIVE Doane Scholarship


In honor of Janice Hadfield, the LIVE Doane Scholarship has been established to provide a $500 scholarship to a regularly enrolled undergraduate student in the School of Graduate and Professional Students at Doane College's Lincoln campus.


To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates at our GPS locations must have a cumulative
Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above and LIVE Doane.  They must
show a commitment to engage as leaders in and out of the classroom,
demonstrate an interest in intellectual inquiry, hold strong ethical
values and illustrate their potential for engagement as a student and in
their future career path.

Renewability & Repayment

The scholarship may only be awarded once per students, but students who have not received the scholarship may re-apply.


The application is available to current GPS students through their Doane gmail account.