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Reserves can be your personal materials or library materials. The form for reserve materials can be filled out at the Circulation Desk, printed at your convenience, or you can fill out the online request form. Please allow two to three days for the item to be entered into the online catalog, though it may circulate before.

Contact: Holly Baber  402.826.8569        



The nationwide database of library holdings, WorldCat, allows us to locate all sorts of library materials and request them for you. Please return materials on time or renew them early, if allowed. Contact: Tammy Roach  402.826.8566



Between 30 and 40 colleges and universities offer on-site borrowing privileges to you and to your students on the basis of presentation of your Doane College ID card. The list of these institutions is available at the Library. Please return materials on time or ask to renew them early, if allowed. We will even send them back for you. KEEP OUR BORROWING AGREEMENTS VALID.      



YOU know your field. YOU are the person on campus who knows best what you will use in class. Please request materials appropriate to a small college library. We can send suggestions to your attention, such as CHOICE review cards for you to make selections, or make requests from your own sources.  Request forms are available from the library, or complete the online purchase request form. We work quickly to order materials and get them processed. You will be notified as soon as the material is available for use. Contact: Jayne Germer  402.826.8567



You and one of the librarians. You are encouraged to look at the materials in your discipline and make recommendations for removal of any information which is out of date.  



It would be great if we could have two days notice. Please plan to be on hand to relate what the librarian says to what you are doing in the classroom. It is even better if we could be included in your initial course planning in order to offer our wares. Contact: Jayne Germer  402.826.8567
                 Julie Pinnell       402.826.8568  



Books go out to you for the semester, on your DOANE ID CARD. If you send a student, send your card. You may keep books longer by renewing, which is a process of responding to our end-of-semester mailing. We will recall books from you after TWO WEEKS if needed by someone else, as we will from a student. Journals do not circulate. Exceptions may be made by the duty librarian for use in class. Contact: Julie Pinnell  402.826.8568; or whoever is on duty        



The Library has a good collection of films in VHS and DVD formats for classroom use. Other films not in our collection may be borrowed via interlibrary loan and from NETCHE. Contact: Tammy Roach  402.826.8566.  

At this institution audio-visual hardware (e.g., DVD player, LCD projector, carousel, etc.) is available through the Help Desk located one flight up from the Library in CM32.  Contact: IT Help Desk  402.826.8411         



We have two copier/printers in the library. (Please use the Service Bureau for large jobs.) Both machines have the capability to convert print to PDF format and to make transparencies, which are available for purchase at the circulation desk. We ask you to observe copyright regulations, especially with regard to what you put on Reserve, and ask also, for that reason, that you do not require us to make your copies. Faculty and staff are asked to fill out charge slips for their department at the front desk.        



Reference assistance, typewriters, music CDs, headphones, rare books (in the "Locker" area downstairs), Doane College Archives, microforms, ERIC Documents, State and Federal Documents Depository...  Contact: Duty librarian  402.826.8287