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Hours & Directions

Special Winter Break Hours:


Monday January 4 thru 8, 2016  8am to 5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday January 9-10

Monday Jan 11-Friday Jan 15 8am to 5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday Jan 16-17

Monday Jan 18 8am to 5pm

Beginning Tuesday January 19th, 2016 REGULAR HOURS


Regular Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8am-11pm

Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: Noon to 4pm

Sunday: 2pm - 11pm


The Learning Commons became part of Perkins Library in Fall 2014. The entrance to the Learning Commons is located on the first floor, south end, of Communications Building just off the main hallway, opposite the Heckman Auditorium. Please refer to the campus map to find the Communications Building on the Crete campus.