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Leadership Internship

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A opportunity for students to use the learning of the past year and prepare for the final experiences of the cadres. Prior to beginning the internship, students complete their philosophy of education based on their own observations and experiences over the previous year. Through three weeks of full-time work at a school or district with a principal, superintendent, or other leader, students develop an understanding of the philosophy, mission, and vision of the site. Students participate in ongoing assessment of the plans, practices, and processes of school sites. A systematic exploration of school improvement plans, curricular innovations, staff development activities, annual reports, and strategic planning occurs as the site closes one academic year and begins planning for the next year. Using this information, students reflectively examine the ethical base that drives programs, decisions and communication. They develop an understanding of the complex mix of activities that defines the work of the school leaders. Students will seek to develop a mentoring relationship with their supervisors for long-term help and assistance.