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Law, Politics, and Society

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School of Arts and Sciences

Doane College’s new major in Law, Politics, and Society (LPS) is intended to help students understand the interdisciplinary nature of the interaction between law and the philosophical, political, legal, sociological, and economic context in which it evolves. The major can stand alone as a rich liberal arts exploration of law and society that will help students analyze and understand the multi-faceted nature of critical issues they will face as citizens. Pursuit of the major can also be the first step to the following graduate studies or careers

  • Law School
  • Graduate Programs in the Social Sciences
  • Non-profit Service
  • Public Policy Organizations
  • Legislative Aid
  • Policy Research Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Government Relations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Think Tank
  • Public Interest Group

As described by the coordinator of the program, Dr. Wendy Hind: The Law, Politics, and Society (LPS) major is the interdisciplinary study of legal systems and practices, and their interaction with political and social life. LPS majors learn the subtle differences between “social,” “political,” and “legal” in investigating things as diverse as courts, international organizations, social movements, and culture.  LPS majors approach the study and understanding of these topics from a varied set of academic perspectives within the social sciences.