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Laungani Lab

My research students work on a variety of topics which allows not only for the student to center their research around their passions and questions that intrigue them, but I can learn along with them.   This allows the student to teach me about their topic, and I believe helps the student to see themselves as not only as researchers, but as my colleagues. 

Below are a list of my research students in my lab and a very brief description of the general topic/question that each student is working on (including their ultimate goals).

My Research Colleagues (listed alphabetically)


Aaron Hanlin (Class of 2017)

Development of a K-12 accessible system for simulation of human driven climate change using household items



Zachary Kaster (Class of 2016)

Diet preferences in deer leading into mating season

Goals: Physical Therapy


Colin Laurenroth (Class of 2016)

Impacts of herbaceous competition on the invasion and success of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) into grasslands

Goals: Physical Therapy


Nik Stevenson (Class of 2016)

Impacts of snake venom protiens on development of plant gall (plant tumor) growth and development

Goals: Medical School


  • Bailey Kremke '13
  • Jesse Koenig '13
  • Erin Stukenholtz '13
  • Rachel Gibson '13
  • Landon Miller '13
  • Lizabeth Reimers '13
  • Brooke Segerstrom '13
  • Sydney Jumps '13
  • Maria Juarez '14
  • Phil Thramer '14
  • Ali Jansen '14
  • Brittany Ridder '14
  • Ben Clausen '14
  • Ethan Zoerb '14
  • Amber Alvarez '15
  • Casarah Schutt '15
  • Corinne Fuoco '15
  • Riley Miller '15
  • Sydney Johnson '15
  • Tyler Kuhfahl '15