Laungani Lab

My research students work on a variety of topics which allows not only for the student to center their research around their passions and questions that intrigue them, but I can learn along with them.   This allows the student to teach me about their topic, and I believe helps the student to see themselves as not only as researchers, but as my colleagues. 

Much of my work focuses on questions in plant ecology related to critical topics including invasive species and climate change

Below are a list of my research students in my lab and a very brief description of the general topic/question that each student is working on (including their ultimate goals).

My Research Colleagues (listed alphabetically)


Aaron Hanlin (Class of 2017)

Development of a K-12 accessible system for simulation of human driven climate change using household items

Goals: Medical School


Zachary Kaster (Class of 2016)

Diet preferences in deer leading into mating season

Goals: Physical Therapy


Colin Laurenroth (Class of 2016)

Impacts of herbaceous competition on the invasion and success of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) into grasslands

Goals: Physical Therapy


Nik Stevenson (Class of 2016)

Impacts of snake venom protiens on development of plant gall (plant tumor) growth and development

Goals: Medical School


  • Bailey Kremke '13
  • Jesse Koenig '13
  • Erin Stukenholtz '13
  • Rachel Gibson '13
  • Landon Miller '13
  • Lizabeth Reimers '13
  • Brooke Segerstrom '13
  • Sydney Jumps '13
  • Maria Juarez '14
  • Phil Thramer '14
  • Ali Jansen '14
  • Brittany Ridder '14
  • Ben Clausen '14
  • Ethan Zoerb '14
  • Amber Alvarez '15
  • Casarah Schutt '15
  • Corinne Fuoco '15
  • Riley Miller '15
  • Sydney Johnson '15
  • Tyler Kuhfahl '15
  • Nik Stevenson '16
  • Zach Kaster ' 16
  • Colin Laurenroth '16

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