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Laungani Lab

My research students work on a variety of topics which allows not only for the student to center their research around their passions and questions that intrigue them, but I can learn along with them.   This allows the student to teach me about their topic, and I believe helps the student to see themselves as not only as researchers, but as my colleagues. 

Below are a list of my research students in my lab and a very brief description of the general topic/question that each student is working on (including their ultimate goals).

My Research Colleagues (listed alphabetically)


Brianna Dickinson.jpg

Brianna Dickinson (Class of 2013)

Testing the effect of household chemicals on vertebrate decomposition

Originally from: Denver, CO

Goals: Forensic science

Rachel Gibson.jpg

Rachel Gibson (Class of 2013)

Understanding Neo-tropical bat wing morphometrics relationship to weight bearing ability

Originally from: Lincoln, NE

Goals: Scientific illustration

Sydney Jumps.jpg

Sydney Jumps (Class of 2013)

Examining temporal variation in insect diversity associated with cattle tank water "islands"

Originally from: McCook, NE

Goals: Nursing

Jesse Koenig.jpg

Jesse Koenig (Class of 2013)

Impacts of biochar on the invasion and success of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) into grasslands

Originally from: DeWitt, NE

Goals: Nursing

Bailey Kremke.jpg

Bailey Kremke (Class of 2013)

Impact of grassland plant community diversity on the invasion success of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

Originally from: Casper, WY

Goals: Physical therapy

Landon Miller.jpg

Landon Miller (Class of 2013)

Understanding variation in mineral nutrition on artificial insemination rates in cattle

Originally from: Cody, NE

Goals: Ranching and cattle production

Lizabeth Riemers.jpg

Lizabeth Reimers (Class of 2013)

Examining effects of wet vs. dry distillers grain on cattle weight gain

Originally from: Boelus, NE

Goals: Veterinary medicine

Brooke Segerstrom.jpg

Brooke Segerstrom (Class of 2013)

Testing the relationship between age and retinal druse buildup in age-related macular degeneration

Originally from: Falmouth, ME

Goals: Optometry 

Zachary Sims.jpg

Zachary Sims (Class of 2013)

Impact of anoxic conditions on plant growth and nutrient acquisition

Originally from: Lincoln, NE

Goals: Graduate school in agronomy

Erin Stuckenholtz.jpg

Erin Stukenholtz (Class of 2013)

Examining dietary behavior in neo-tropical bat species using stable isotopes

Originally from: Nebraska City, NE

Goals: Graduate school in animal ecology