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Journalism and Media

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School of Arts and Sciences

Journalism Degree in Nebraska

Cover a manhunt of escaped convicts. Create your own New York City public relations company. Become a press secretary for the United States Senate. Climb aboard the train and shoot video for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Or work for famous people, such as David Letterman. Doane alums have done all of those things, and more. The Journalism and Media major prepares you to gather news and how to communicate and distribute information in all formats - broadcast, online and print. Plus, you will have the freedom to expand your learning beyond Journalism and Media by completing a double major or a minor in your choice of area. And if you enroll in Doane's Journalism and Media courses, you will have opportunities to travel to college media conventions across the country, produce television and radio shows, publish the student newspaper, 1014 Magazine and the website, and even report on U.S. Presidential Inaugurations in Washington, D.C. And put it all on our Doane Student Media app. You will enjoy hands-on learning while working for on-campus media. As a bonus, you can get paid if you're in a supervisory job such as editor, station manager or multimedia coordinator.


Journalism and media majors are required to have at least three internship credits. These opportunities provide hands-on real-world experience for college credit. Students have had internships at such organizations as:
  • NBC News, New York City 
  • The Late Show with David Letterman
  • The White House Communications Department
  • Scripps Howard Foundation Wire Service, Washington, D.C.
  • Institute on Political Journalism, Washington, D.C.
  • The Lincoln Journal Star
  • Beatrice Daily News
  • The Crete News
  • Bellevue Leader
  • Sandhills Publishing
  • American Cancer Society
  • Nebraska School Activities Association
  • USA Track & Field
  • Lincoln Saltdogs  
Three-Year Graduation Program
Three Year Program: 

Focused on a major – and a career – in Journalism and Media and motivated to move ahead at a faster pace? Doane offers a Three-Year Graduation Program backed with a three-year guarantee.

The three-year degree program isn't for everybody. Students must apply and eligibility and acceptance are based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores and credits earned prior to enrollment.

For those committed students who fit this option, faculty have created an intensive academic plan with a three-year course schedule.

Learning Environment

Doane has facilities for all media - radio, TV, print and Internet.

Doane Student Media:

Doane's newsroom, which is open only to journalism and media majors, contains 12 up-to-date Macintosh computers, equipped with Adobe Creative Suite. It also serves as a classroom.

The KDNE radio station is automated and includes three studios for editing, news broadcasts and playing music. Students use up-to-date digital editing equipment.

Doane's TV station includes a control room and a studio with three cameras. Several portable HD video cameras are used for fieldwork and a video switcher and character generator to improve the professional look of the broadcasts. The station also owns several Final Cut Pro cutting-edge digital editing systems.



Journalism and Media classes typically are small. Many have 12 or fewer students, allowing them the chance to work closely with professors.

Specialized Program Opportunities

Doane students have presented research regarding newspaper redesign at the annual National College Media Convention.  

All Doane media are operated by journalism and media students.  Students are not censored and make all decisions about whether to broadcast or publish.

Student Organizations

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JOU 105 - Introduction to Journalism and Media (3)
JOU 113 - Basic News Writing and Reporting (3)
JOU 135 - Broadcast Journalism Writing (3)
JOU 236 - Basic Audio Production (3)
JOU 238 - Basic Video Production (3)
JOU 353 - Contemporary Issues (3)
JOU 360 - Multiplatform Journalism (3)
JOU 421 - Journalism Internship (0-12)
JOU 445 - Legal and Ethical Issues (3)
JOU 495 - Capstone Seminar and Workshop (3)
ATV 131 - KDNE (0-1)
ATV 132 - Doane Owl (0-1)
ATV 133 - 1014 Magazine (0-1)
JOU 295 - Television Practicum (1)
JOU 213 - Beat Reporting (3)
JOU 214 - Photojournalism (3)
JOU 223 - Editing and Design (3)
JOU 230 - Introduction to Magazine Publishing (3)
JOU 245 - Broadcast Performance (3)
JOU 315 - The Electronic Journalism Program (3)
JOU 355 - Advanced Electronic Production (3)