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Reading Specialist

The following 33 hours of course work leads to an endorsement as a K -12 reading specialist.  This endorsement requires a regular teaching certificate and two years of teaching prior to beginning work on the endorsement.

Required Courses

EDU-685 Critical Issues in Reading – 3 credits

EDU-663 Reading and Writing in the Content Area – 3 credits

EDU-686 Providing Leadership in Literacy – 3 credits

EDU-640 Literature for Children and Youth – 3 credits

EDU-687 Diagnosis, Assessment and Instruction in Reading – 3 credits

EDU-689 Internship in Reading Instruction
(To be taken after students complete a substantial number of reading specialist courses)

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-690 Writing in the Primary Classroom - 3 credits

EDU-706 Supporting Writers in the Writing Workshop - 3 credits

EDU-667 Writing Across the Curriculum – 3 credits

EDU-652 Teaching & Assessing Writing in the K-8 Classroom – 3 credits 

complete course (3 credits)

EDU-688 Literature for Adolescents – 3 credits

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-602 Assessment of Learning – 3 credits

EDU-614 Assessment Literacy Development – 3 credits

EDU-645 Assessment of Literacy – 3 credits

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-634 Reading in the K-6 Classroom – 3 credits

EDU-707 Supporting Readers in the Reading Workshop – 3 credits

EDU-679 Reading in the 4 - 8 Classroom – 3 credits

EDU-606 Improving Strategic Instruction in the Language Arts – 3 credits

complete one course  (3 credits)

EDU-678 Reading in the K-3 Classroom – 3 credits

EDC-612 Developing Literacy in the Primary Grades – 3 credits