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First-Year Liberal Arts Seminar

What does a liberal arts and sciences education really mean? And why is it important? A liberal arts and sciences education means you’ll study a lot of different areas in addition to your major. You’ll learn both theory and practice. You’ll enhance critical reading and thinking skills. You’ll develop creative leadership skills needed for our complex world.

The bottom line: your education will apply directly to life.

So, how do we prepare you for this academic experience? How do we show you that it’s okay to explore, challenge and test? How do we help you learn how these skills will come in handy as leaders and in problem-solving? Through the Liberal Arts Seminar or LAR. 

Each LAR class examines a key issue and analyzes facts and opinions about that issue from several disciplines. Similar to driver’s education, you learn and practice new skills in a supportive environment, so you can go on to successfully steer through your general education program.