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Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

How much time do I have to use my VA money?

This varies based on the education program for which you establish eligibility. Each education chapter is unique, and the entitlement-time period to use the benefit is established by law. There are fact sheets for each education chapter at the gibill website.

How often are the outside recycling bins emptied?

All outside bins are normally emptied once a week on Fridays.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

We believe that writers and writing ability evolve slowly, unevenly, and awkwardly.  We also believe that writers and writing can always improve. Writing is not a skill that someone either has or doesn't have, not something that someone either can or can't do.  It is a process that involves critical thinking and reasoned decision-making. 

So it only makes sense to encourage you to visit the Writing Center as often as possible.  One session with a Writing Center consultant won't make you a great writer.  Nor will it guarantee an "A".  But many visits over the course of your college experience, along with hard work and extensive revision in your courses, will help you develop as a writer from wherever you may be the first time you enter our door.

How often does Doane report my enrollment to the VA?

Doane submits an enrollment certification report to the VA each term/semester you are enrolled.  These reports are done after census.  Check the academic calendar to find the census date for the current term/semester.

How soon are official transcripts mailed out?

Official transcripts are mailed out 2-3 days after the request is received.

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How will a scholarship I receive from my community or school affect my financial aid package?

If you are applying for financial aid and receive a scholarship from a source outside Doane College, that scholarship becomes part of your financial aid package and is included in your total aid award. All resources available to the student must be included in a student's financial aid package. In some instances, it may be necessary to adjust other aid, usually a loan or work-study, to meet federal regulations. Please notify Doane's Financial Aid Office as soon as you receive any scholarships from outside sources.

How will my professor know I visited the Writing Center?

When you arrive for your appointment, you and your consultant will open a new session record form, logging your name, the details of the session (i.e. date and time, new or returning visitor, etc.), the details of the assignment (i.e. the class, the professor, etc.), and your objectives for the session.  Then, toward the end of your session, you and your consultant will complete the form, making note of several things: paper strengths and weaknesses, issues covered or discussed during the session, plans or suggestions for improvement, etc.  Two copies will be printed and signed by you and your consultant.  We will keep one copy in the Writing Center, and you will get the other to give to your professor, if you choose. 

With that said, you should visit the Writing Center because YOU want to improve as a writer, not because your professor told you to.  Why?  Good writing isn't an accident.  It requires hard work and time, and if you aren't willing to commit both, the consultants in the Writing Center (no matter how caring and well-intentioned we may be) can do only so much to help you.

I am in the Guard full-time, am I eligible for VA benefits?

Eligibility is established by the Department of Defense, not VA.  Tuition assistance that is State-funded is not considered a duplication of benefit.  Check with your National Guard Education Service Officer if you have questions.