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Register your computer on campus

The Registration Process:
-Plug Your computer into the wall or turn on your wireless adaptor on your computer. 
-When you are connected for the first time you should have an IP address that starts with 10.2.x.x
-Click internet explorer and try to browse the web
-You should be prompted with a registration page.
-Click the Link that says "Users with an existing Doane account"
-You will then be asked to put in your username and password that you use for e-mail and general log-in on campus.
-You will be required to download a CSA agent that will scan your machine for required software.  If you do not have the required software you will be prompted to download it.  Once this is downloaded, re-scan your machine with the downloaded agent.
-Once your machine meets the policy requirements, you will be given full access to the internet and the other network resources on the Doane University Network.