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Friends of Arts Are Basic


The Friends of Arts Are Basic was established to keep the Arts Are Basic program alive and well in Nebraska. Monetary gifts can be made to Friends of Arts Are Basic and sent to Friends of Arts Are Basic, Doane College Lincoln campus, 303 North 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68504.  For more information,  contact Rhea Gill at

Aesthetic education is different from most arts in education programs. It allows the student to explore the arts from the inside out, not, like most other programs, from the outside in. Though hands-on activities are frequently used to teach about the arts, aesthetic education goes one step further, using activities and exercises that allow the student not just to explore the art form, but also the artistic experience of self-expression, discovery, and problem-solving. Whether the art being studied is music, theater, dance or visual art, this approach excites, stimulates, encourages, and clarifies. The student gains confidence and comfort, not just with the arts, but also beyond that, to other academic disciplines.

Numerous studies have confirmed the value of arts in education. According to the College Entrance Examination Board, SAT scores for students who studied the arts were 59% higher on the verbal, and 44% higher on the math portion than students with no experience of the arts. Please help to nurture our children by enabling Nebraska to hold on to this extraordinary program. Please join Friends of Arts Are Basic today with a generous contribution.



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