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School of Arts and Sciences

The English undergraduate degree is designed to build a sound foundation in general literacy for a variety of possible professions, from editing and writing to teaching and law. An English major provides unusually strong preparation for graduate study as well, through the core of required courses.

Program Offerings

  • English major
  • English major combined with another major, chosen by the student, with or without certification to teach
  • English/Language Arts major with certification to teach


The Lucille Cobb Lecture Series 

The annual Lucille Cobb Lecture Series provides students the opportunity to meet and interact with prominent writers. Previous authors who have appeared in the series include:

  • Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Hayden Carruth
  • Alan Cheuse
  • Desmond Egan
  • Patricia Hampl
  • Miroslav Holub
  • Marlene Norbese
  • Tom Robbins
  • Philip W.D. Snodgrass