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Doane Scholarship Fund

This year Doane University celebrates 142 years of academic and institutional success by leading, inspiring, and making an impact on our campus, communities and the world.  Resources are always needed to carry out these great ideas and help our students accomplish great successes.  This means bringing in students with potential to succeed and supporting them with scholarships, quality academic programs, student-centered opportunities, and state of the art technology and facilities.  These things help attract students to Doane…and help them succeed while here.  The Doane Scholarship Fund is important in helping meet students’ needs today and to help us continue the Doane impact into future years.

The Doane Scholarship Fund encompasses gifts that can be made and spent within one fiscal year.  Every year, loyal Doane Scholarship Fund donors provide vital support to enhancing the Doane University experience for our students.



  • Scholarships
  • Academic Programs
  • Fine Arts
  • Travel and Study Abroad
  • Campus Beauty
  • Technology and Undergraduate Research

Simply put, the Doane Scholarship Fund supports every aspect of Doane University. 

For more information about the Doane Scholarship Fund, please contact Amy Jurgens at (402) 826-8261 or donate online.