Doane Plan or Doane Core?

Starting August 2014, Doane's general education program was modified from the Doane Plan (DP) to the Doane Core Connections (DCC).  

In addition to this change, the College of Arts and Sciences eliminated Interterm and modified the semester calendar.  With elimination of the 9 credit hour Interterm requirement, Doane reduced the amount of hours required to graduate for all undergraduate students from 132 to 123 credits.  The amount of transfer credits brought in was reduced to 60 semester credits from the community college and 90 semester credits from a four-year institution.  Transition details below.

College of Arts & Sciences has a gradual reduction of credits required to graduate based on when students started at Doane and the availability of interterms.   The full-time tuition credit range was increased to 12-18 credits.  

Start Term Catalog Year Anticipated Graduation
(4 years out)
Credits Required Interterm's required General Education Program
15/FAL, 16/SPR 2015 May 2019 123 0 Doane Core Connections
14/FAL, 15/SPR 2014 May 2018 123 0 Doane Core Connections
14/SPR 2013 December 2017 126 0 Doane Plan
13/FAL, 14/ITM 2013 May 2017 126 1 Doane Plan
13/SPR 2012 December 2016 129 1 Doane Plan
12/FAL, 13/ITM 2012 May 2016 129 2 Doane Plan


College of Professional Studies (CPS) will implement the Doane Core Connections curriculum, and require a 123 credits to graduate, for all students starting 14/AUTM. 

CPS students can not modify their catalog year forward or backward to change their requirements from Doane Plan to Doane Core.  Students who have been gone from Doane for 10 years or more, and return, will be updated to the Doane Core.


Students going through the curriculum transition may need exceptions or waivers due to their special circumstances.  Students should work closely with their advisor and the Registrar's Office.

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