Deca Dynamite-PC '15

Dylan Lamb


Hometown:  Lincoln, NE
Legacy: Zeta
Major: Psychology                                                                                                                                                                                           
Other Activities: Res Life

What being an Omega means to me: Acceptance, making lasting friendships, being involved around campus.

One random fact about me: My dream job is to be an art therapist at a children's hospital. 


Addyson Harland

Vice President 


Hometown: Denver, CO
Legacy: Delta
Major: Biology
Other Activities:  Relay for Life Committee
What being an Omega means to me: I pledged omega because I had no fear of being completely myself, there was no need to put up walls or to pretend to be something I’m not. Now I always have someone to binge watch Netflix and order Chinese food to the Quad door with every weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.
One random fact about me:
I would love to be a mermaid. 

Anna Bauerle 

Hometown: Imperial, NE
Legacy: Beta
Major: Sociology
Other Activities: Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Women’s Chorale, Directions Leadership Program, Honors Program

What being an Omega means to me: Being an Omega means being part of a wonderful, honest group of respected and respectable women.

One random fact about me:
I wish I could stay in school forever to learn everything. 


Emily Belak



Hometown: Fremont, NE
Legacy: Upsilon
Major: Bio/Chem
Other Activities: Directions Program, Student Congress, SPB
What being an Omega means to me:  I pledged Omega because I could tell that all of the girls were genuine in their actions.  When they asked me how my day was I could tell that they actually cared.  I knew that I would be able to have a big family of sisters who would stand by me no matter what. One random fact about me:
I abslutely love being a nerd and Harry Potter!              

Reigan Lawrence

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Legacy:  Xi
Major: Special Education
Other Activities: Doane Choir, SPB, ALpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

What being an Omega means to me: Omegas are my home away from home. They are the women that I come to no matter what I'm feeling and are the most supportive, loving people. I am thankful that I have 24 fun-loving sisters to love. Every person brings so much to the sorority and I can't imagine my life without each and every one of them in it. So much Omega Love.

One random fact about me: My dream job is to teach abroad in an impoverished country. 


Rachel Jacobsen



Hometown: Grand Island, NE
Legacy: Rho
Major: Elementary Education and Early Childhood 

Other Activities: Writing Center, Forensics 

What being an Omega means to me: Always having someone to talk to where ever I go, and a group of girls that support me no matter what and are always in my corner cheering for me. 

One random fact about me: I've never broken a bone.


Kayla Starbuck



Hometown: Bellevue, NE
Legacy: Kappa
Major: International Relations and Strategic Communication
Other Activities:

Doane Forensics, Admissions Student Assistant, Doane Ambassador, PJB
What being an Omega means to me:
Being an Omega means always having a sister to count on, being accepted for who I am, and never feeling alone. 
One random fact about me:
I  am terrified of thunderstorms. 



Callie Jane Vickers



Hometown: Omaha, NE
Legacy: Alpha
Major: Biology and Psychology 
Other Activities: Directions Program, Theatre, Doane Players, Student Congress, and Student Programming 
What being an Omega means to me:  Being an Omega means that I am never alone, I will walk the sidewalks of Doane Campus encompassed by smiles, love, and empowerment. To be a part of this community means being blessed, befriended, thankful, and it finally gives me sisters to love and cherish.           

One random fact about me: My dream job is to be the Incredible Hulk. 



Ronnie Brust


Hometown: Ithica, NE
Legacy:  Omicron
Major: Secondary Spanish Education with an Endorsement in ELL       

Other Activities: SPB, Directions 

What being an Omega means to me: Bettering myself and those around me while creating a strong bond of friendship between wonderful people.

One random fact about me: I was hit in the face by a softball that was traveling 90 mph when I was 12 and had to have reconstructive surgery, but I never cried!



Paige Dunn


Hometown: Blair, NE
Legacy: Iota
Major: Secondary Math Education
Other Activities: Soccer
What being an Omega means to me: Omega means a home away from home where I get to be with sisters who are as crazy and fun as you can get.
One random fact about me:  I love the Green Bay Packers, specifically Clay Matthews.


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