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Covering the Inauguration

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This interterm involves a two-week (15 day) trip to Washington, D.C. The course will introduce students to the historical, political, cultural and journalistic world of the nation's capital, culminating in student reporters covering the Inauguration of the next president of the United States. Students will tour Washington, D.C., newspapers and television stations. They also will research past presidents and inaugurations at the Library of Congress. Students will meet and discuss issues with the Nebraska legislative delegation, representatives of the Washington Press Corps, and possibly other national leaders. Students will file stories with newspapers in Nebraska, and various radio and outlets in the Lincoln area while in Washington. They also will post video, text, photos and audio online at The Doaneline ( Students will tour the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington and Lincoln memorials, historic Georgetown and other D.C. attractions. We will also visit the Pentagon and the U.S. Secret Service, Ford's Theater, the U.S. Capitol, Holocaust Museum, the Newseum, the U.S. Supreme Court and other historic, political, journalistic and cultural sites.