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Costs & Aid

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Our students receive aid in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans – funds that help you focus on your education and complete your degree.

Aid is available to degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Funds are awarded based on your qualifications and/or financial need. 

The following types of assistance are available:

Easy as 1-2-3 

STEP 1:  Complete the Application process for admission. (Include application fees
if appropriate.)

STEP 2:  Request a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from the federal government. Your PIN serves as an electronic signature when filling out federal student aid. If your parents will be submitting their information, they will need to get a separate PIN. Returning students should preregister and complete Step 3 every year.

STEP 3:  Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Form to determine your level of need. We recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval System to help with this process.

If you do not participate in the federal aid application process, federal financial aid will not be available to you for the academic school year.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It is to your advantage that you complete your application as soon as your taxes are completed.  We recommend no later than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

Need additional assistance?

EducationQuest is always available for assistance. 


Doane welcomes students of any age, gender, sexual orientation, race, faith tradition, color, disability, or national or ethnic origin.