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Credential Services

Credentials are a very important part of your effort to obtain an administrative position. The credential references and resumé are very helpful for perspective employers to match the right candidate with the right job. 

The references are from administrators, Doane faculty, fellow staff members and personal acquaintances. School districts generally consider the information from your educational leadership experiences as the most pertinent data in making a decision about granting you an interview for a position.

The law provides that your credentials may be either open (available for your inspection) or closed (not available for your inspection). When setting up your placement file with Doane's Education Department, you will be given the opportunity to make this selection.

Class time is set aside for the initial setting up process and resumé/cover letter writing.

Credential Service Contacts

Resumé/cover letter:  Julie Kozisek, or 402.826.8210
Credential file:  Deb Collins, or 402.826.8214
Credential file:  Lisa Vargason, or 402.826.8604