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Program Requirements

The Doane University Master of Arts in School Counseling program is designed for licensed teachers who have taught for two years and includes:

  • 48 credit hours of coursework
  • 100 hours of school-based practicum experiences
  • 450 internship hours as designated by the Nebraska Department of Education

Required Courses

EDU-601 Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
EDU-602 Assessment of Learning (3 credits)
EDU-603 Research Methods (3 credits)
EDU-604 Culminating Project (3 credits)
     OR EDL-695 Project Implementation (3 credits) and COU Elective (3 credits)
EDU/COE 615 Counseling Skills and Crisis Intervention (3 credits)
COU-635 Human Development Across the Life Span (3 credits)
COU-618 Mental Health Ethics, Law and Professional Practice (3 credits) or COE 655 Ethics, Law and Professional Practice for School Counselors (3)
COE-650 Programming for School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-610 Assessment of Literacy in School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-601 Counseling Theories and Methods for K-12 Schools (3 credits) - take concurrently with COE-602
COE-602 Practicum Lab in Counseling (3 credits) - take concurrently with
COE-601; 150 hours in school based activities in 7-12, K-6 or K-12 sites
COU-634 Group Processes (3 credits)
COE-691 Internship in Counseling (3 credits) - may be K-6, 7-12 or K-12
COE-620 School Guidance Curriculum (3 credits)
COE-630 Social and Cultural Awareness in School Counseling (3 credits)
COE-635 School Counseling and Special Populations (3 credits)

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