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School of Arts and Sciences

Doane Chemistry offers students the chance to observe the small stuff: the molecules that make up the world around us, from the fuel we put in our gas tanks to the complex inner workings of our own bodies. 

We offer a wide range of chemistry experiences from all segments of campus. From classroom experiences like our "studio" general chemistry class and chances to use state-of-the-art chemistry technology in laboratories across the curriculum, to research experiences like designing sensors for abused narcotics like methamphetamine and delving into the molecular mechanisms through which bone tissue is created. 

With a well-designed, broadly based selection of courses, your chemistry education is not limited to the classroom and laboratory. We work hard to enhance your oral and written communication skills and encourage you to gain further experience through internships in a commercial lab or through research experience on our campus or elsewhere.   


Special Programs

Campus events include laboratory demonstrations in chemistry during Interterm sessions.

A significant number of Nebraska schools are challenged to provide even basic laboratory equipment to serve their limited curriculum. The science division of Doane College hosts a daylong program called Study Science that places high school students in the chemistry lab as part of a specialized campus recruiting experience. Additional outreach to middle school and high school students by the chemistry department includes the annual Chemistry Poker competition for beginning high school chemistry students. Doane created special playing cards for this game based on element placement in the periodic table.

Project SEED, funded by the American Chemical Society, sponsors high school students from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds to conduct research in the chemistry department at Doane College.