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Capital Alumni Chapter Scholarship Application


Section 1: Personal Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian 1

Parent/Guardian 2

Section 2: Academic Information

Section 3: Extracurricular Activities (School and Non-School Related)

SECTION 4: Essay Question

Please write at least a 500 word essay that addresses ONE of the two topics below:

  1. All gifted students can look back at people, events or opportunities that have helped them become a successful high school senior. With that in mind, please respond to the following question: "There I was, here I am, where do I go from here?"
  2. Invite five guests to dinner (past or present). Who are they? Why did you invite them? What are you going to discuss?
  3. Describe a class project that you completed. What was it and how did you accomplish the task? What goals of the project did you meet? What goals of the project were not met? Why or why not?


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