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From the President: An open letter on diversity and inclusiveness at Doane

Dear faculty, staff and students,

At this moment, people of all races gather in response to fatal police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana that sparked protests across the country. And yes, in the days ahead we need to allow investigations by local and federal authorities to proceed in orderly fashion to gather all the facts. That said, it’s heartbreaking as I watch the horrific cell phone videos and then later the tearful families in mourning, and now a nation in mourning. Like many, I feel shock, sadness, grief, anger and frustration.

Fortunately, I have been listening to civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis, who himself was beaten and jailed more than 40 times in the 1960s as he struggled for equality. He spoke out against racism and injustice this week, and urged protesters—many of them young people—to remain calm in the wake of these tragic events and to never, never give up.  

In that very moment, I thought of our students who started the campus organization IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access). Their group had the courage and determination to stand up and speak out in the spring semester, leading an effort to make a positive difference in making our own campus a more welcoming and inclusive community.

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An Interview with Pam Moore

It's not at every school where you can say your favorite professor was also a groomsman in your wedding, but at Doane, that isn't a surprise to anyone.

Pamela Moore, '77, came to Doane because Dr. Dudley took her on her tour around Doane and told her that it had a 99% placement rate for teachers after graduation. That sold her to Doane, and fast-forward a few years, she's marrying a fellow Doane alumni with Dr. Dudley standing up there with them.

Dr. Dudley wasn't only her favorite professor because of how well he taught, but because he was so friendly and personable with his students. Pam reminisces of how students would go to his house for dinner with his family and they would tell funny stories that would make them laugh late into the night. She appreciated how he took interest on students at such a personal level and the experience he could pass down to the future Doane teachers.

Pam always knew she wanted to be a teacher and she excelled in math during high school, so studying elementary education with a secondary endorsement in math was an easy pick for her. She enjoyed singing in the choir, acting in a few plays and hanging out with her sorority sisters in Phi Sigma Tau.

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Getting to Know COL Tom Brewer

As we approach election season, keep your eyes out for Doane Graduate Tom Brewer as he runs for the Nebraska Legislature in the 43rd district.

Tom, a 1984 graduate, spent 36 years in the United States Army after graduation. In high school he was a part of the national guard and in college he was in the R.O.T.C. program. He has served our country in Afghanistan on multiple occasions, one tour in 2011 that injured him into retirement.

Tom leads an Afghan BN near the Pakistan border.

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An Interview with Ed Boehle

The brand new tennis program is what brought Ed Boehle down to Doane all the way from Dixon Illinois.

But the social culture and friendships are what kept him there.

Tennis led to many connections for Ed, but he truly loved being a part of the Alpha Omega fraternity. He reflects on living in Georgian, now Burrage Hall, and the brothers he lived with who still stay close today.

Ed knew he wanted to coach and teaching was a pretty complimentary to that, she he studied education at Doane. He started off as physical education major, but his advisor told him he would have a better chance at elementary education, and so he went on to pursue that.

Ed started his teaching career in DeWitt, thinking he would move back to teach in Illinois after a few years. He ended up staying in Nebraska, moving to Omaha to teach for a bit and finishing his career in the Lincoln Public School district.

Lowell Dodd was Ed's favorite professor and he fondly reflects on how hard Mr. Dodd was on him and the funny memories he has when Mr. Dodd observed his classroom.

He lived out his dream of coaching as the head tennis coach at Lincoln Northeast High School, but education wasn't the only profession Ed dabbled in. He decided to try his hand at financial sales and learned that it just wasn't for him. However, he gives credit to Doane for helping him get into the education system and for the financially smart skills he learned at school.

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An Interview with Ken Hambleton '72

This is a picture of Ken Hambleton with author of the blog, Cassandra Kennedy

When Al Papik set up a table in an Illinois school, he was hoping to get two good football players. Instead, he got Ken Hambleton.

While Ken didn't physically participate much in Doane's football, he did quickly pick up writing about it. His freshman year he got involved as the sports writer for the Doane Owl, and by sophomore year he was the editor.

During this time, Ken and his co-editor decided it would be fun to write a few publications of a satirical newspaper to compliment the Owl.

Aptly named the Doane Lwo, the writers creatively ran funny stories that carried little truth, such as blaming President Phil Heckman and Dean of Students, Dean Stellar, of throwing fire bombs as Perry Campus Center during its dedication, opposed to the water balloons they were actually throwing.

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