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Meet Michael Barnes and Davyd Morton

Michael Barnes, '91, was going to leave Doane after his freshman year but realized that if he could make it at Doane, he could make it anywhere.

Michael came from Kansas City, Missouri, to play football and run track for Doane. He came with high school friends, who also played sports for the school. During the time, diversity on campus was not its strongest and so Michael found it hard to keep in touch with his roots.

However, over time Michael found a core friend group he still stays in touch with often. Apart from the football and track teams, he was a part of the Black Student Alliance and studied corporate communications. Michael's Doane experience taught him how to have a conversation with anyone he came in contact with.

Davyd Morton, '72, learned similar communication skills through coming to Doane. Davyd was from an economically segregated neighborhood in New Jersey, so when he chose a college he wanted somewhere he could experience things completely different.

At Doane, that was personally interacting with white people in a one on one situation. Never having the chance to do that back home, he learned so much from those interactions and cherishes his experience to grow in that with Doane's tight knit community.

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An Interview with Susan Dunn

Susan Dunn, '78, graduated from Doane with a real life Liberal Arts Degree.

As a life-long learner, she didn't like just picking one area of study when all areas interested her, and she graduated at a time when Doane had a degree that would suit that.

At first, Susan thought she would become a teacher and went for an education major. After shadowing a real life classroom, she decided she didn't want to do that any longer.

So instead Susan graduated with a Divisional major and a double minor in English and History. Her Divisional Degree mainly consisted of courses in music, dabbling with other arts every now and then.

Through her studies, Susan developed a relationship with a librarian on campus who told her she should look into library studies which took her on a whole new path in life.

After college, Susan pursued a masters in library science and became a librarian. She said her diverse background with a liberal arts education really helped set a foundation for her continued studies, as well as set her apart from other applicants when she started looking for jobs. She said it gave her skills that were uniquely her own when working with other librarians.

Susan worked at a local bar association as a law librarian, a job she truly loved. She learned that she really was an educator and that her classroom was a library.

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An Interview with Sue Rickert

Doane has come a long way in its study abroad programs, traveling to many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

But in the 70s and 80s, Copenhagen, Denmark was the only place to go as a Doane student. Sue Rickert, '79, took full advantage of that, studying a full semester abroad, alone in the Danish city. She stayed with a host family who took her to things like the opera, the ballet and their summer house on an island. She learned a lot about herself during this time and it proved to her that she could handle difficult challenges on her own.

Sue Rickert meets Tiger on Tour Cassandra Kennedy in the Perry Campus Center.

That's not all the Sue got out of her Doane education. She was also heavily involved in the music and theater departments, majoring in elementary and music education. She worked with Big Brother, Big Sister, was a part of alpha lambda delta, and was in the Omega Psi Theta sisterhood.

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An Interview with David Budler

There is a reason the new indoor track facility at Doane is named the Fred Beile Arena.

Coach Beile has impacted many Doane athletes throughout his years at Doane and he will continue doing so until they make him stop. David Budler, a 1996 graduate, knows this all too well and credits much of his success in life to coach Beile.

David came to Doane for track after being recruited by Coach Beile and thoroughly enjoyed his experience on the team. He knew that for them it wasn't just about winning - thought they consistently did - but about the perseverance, teamwork and hard work it took to succeed. This showed in his school work as a sociology major and later in his life as he served for the United States Marine Corps.

In the Marines, David was stationed in Virginia for a period of time before being deployed for active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, from which he just returned in August of 2015. He remembered the words said and lessons taught by Coach Beile throughout his time on the battlefield and thanks him for the help in his success.

Now, David works as a Senior Intelligence Officer at the Bank of the West, getting reacquainted with life in the United States. The close relationships between professors, coaches and fellow students is something he hopes never changes about Doane.

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Meet the Freds

Fred Helmink, '78, was a part of the nobodies at Doane.

The Nobody Quartet that is. As a music education major, Fred was naturally a part of many music organizations on campus, but his most memorable was singing with the Nobody Quartet. In fact, members of this group got together many years after graduation to sing during Christmas, something that Fred wishes could be brought back.

A part from singing, Fred was involved in the band, was the drum major, triple jumped for the track team and was a member of the Tau Sigma Zeta fraternity. Needless to say, he took all the opportunities Doane offered him and ran with them.

Fred Helmink met with Tiger on Tour Taylor Wehrs.

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