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Meet Kellen: Going Greek, going forward


Rushing a Greek group was something that I knew I would do as soon as I came to Doane.

Most of the Doane alumni in my family have been in a fraternity or sorority, and that was one of the many reasons why I was excited to get the chance to take part in the rushing process.

My family has been involved with a few of the Greek groups on campus. My parents were both involved in Greek life when they went to Doane, and that’s where they met each other. My dad was a member of Tau Sigma Zeta while my mom was in Omega Psi Theta. My grandpa on my mother’s side was in Delta Kappa Pi, and his brother-in-law was in Sigma Phi Theta.

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MLK Day 2016: A different perspective

MLK Day Graphic

Once again, the Doane College community has the opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Last year I wrote in my blog of the tumult in our world and how fortunate we are to have his words and deeds to guide us, inspire us and give us hope in these uncertain times at home and abroad.  

But this year, I’m writing to say what Dr.King means to me personally—and, more importantly, what he cannot mean to me.

MLK continues to inspire me and give me hope. But I am white. While I learn more each passing year about the life of Dr. King, I can never know what it means to be black in America, and that goes for all of us in the country who are white.

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Doane’s Top 10 tweets of 2015


Rounding out our social media Top 10s is @DoaneCollege on Twitter.

We need less than 100 new followers to get to 1,872—but we’d like to surpass our founding year and then some! If you haven’t followed us yet, do so; you won’t be disappointed with the content and updates you’ll see from us throughout the year.

Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite tweets from 2015 on the Doane College Twitter account in chronological order.

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Doane’s Top 10 Instagram pictures of 2015


What a year it was.

Looking back on 2015 got us thinking: What was the best content we posted on social media this year?

We revved up the Doane College Instagram account this year and started sharing more pictures, from advertising to campus life to weather and so much more! Throughout it all, we had more likes, interactions and comments than ever before.

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