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Meet Ed Wimes

Ed Wimes, a 1996 Doane Lincoln graduate, said that the Doane education allows students to express themselves while broadening their perspectives.

And he would know, because before Doane, he was broadening his perspectives on a much wider level. Ed served as a reserve officer in the National Guard and then went on to serve as senior aid to the mayor of Lincoln. During his time with the mayor, he decided he wanted to get his diploma because he realized the importance of an education.

Ed became the first person in his family to earn a college degree when he graduated from Doane Lincoln with a bachelor's degree in Human Relations. 

He started his college experience with the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, but realized that the flexibility of Doane's schedule was what he needed.

He also loved the diversity of the staff and how aware his professors were of the "real world," using that within their teaching styles.

Ed was able to express his views and opinions because Doane's education created safe space for honest discourse on social issues, and that is what he loved the absolute most about his Doane experience.

After Doane, Ed went on to work for a private firm in its human relations department and then went on to work for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln's human relations department. He has since retired from that job, but still works hard at using his education.

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An Interview with Carla Brauer

Diversity within Doane isn't limited to races and nationality. Doane has students from big cities across the nation to students who graduated with only 20 in their high school class. No matter the background, all students chose Doane for common reasons.

Carla Brauer, '83, chose Doane because she was one of those students with only 24 in her high school class. She grew up in a small town in Nebraska and wanted a smaller school with a focus on education. Ultimately she chose Doane for the music department, which she intended to major in but ended up graduating with a degree in education.

She kept with her musical talents throughout her time at Doane, playing the piano and singing in the choir. She also was a part of the theater club, remembering how she had to make a chicken as a prop for the Three Penny Opera.

Carla got married her sophomore year of college and after graduation they moved to Sidney, Nebraska where she took up a job as an elementary math teacher for 23 years. She always was interested in psychology and so when a guidance counselor position opened up at her school her boss encouraged her to apply. She did and she got the job, while also attending Chadron State College for her Master's in Counseling.

She's been a school guidance counselor for 10 years now and focuses on 5th and 6th grade. Her husband and her just celebrated their 35th anniversary and have two children.

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An Interview with Andy McCallister

Going to a small liberal arts school has many perks, but one of those perks for Andy McCallister, '83, was the availability to create his own major.

Andy decided he wanted to do TV Production and constructed the classes that would fit together to make that major. Currently he is the sports editor for the Crete News and assistant cross country coach for Doane, and the TV production classes helped him get to that profession.

Andy McCallister with Tiger on Tour Taylor Wehrs.

Throughout his time at Doane he was involved in jazz and concert pand and he did a weekly sport show on channel eight with Cody Vance. He also took on the role of Sport Information Director while attending Doane, and ended up doing that until the early 90s for the school.

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Meet Doane Lincoln Grads, Sara and Tammy

Doane University is continually growing. Growing in population, growing in number of campuses and especially growing in the programs offered.

Because of this growth, Doane is attracting students that it never would have before, students who are already involved in a career, have started a family or who simply take an alternative route to getting their education.

Sara Hernandez, '15L, went to Doane Lincoln for her master's degree because she heard of the campus' focus on students who may already have careers, like herself. After receiving her under graduate degree from the University of Nebraska, Sara started an accounting position at Union Trust Bank. She continued the business path and took one class at a time to take eight years to finish her master's in Business Administration. This commitment to her education led to Union Trust Bank promoting her to Vice President of Loan Operations.

Sara appreciates the education she received from Doane Lincoln, and hopes the school continues to foster its satellite campuses so that they reach the quality the Crete Campus has.

For Doane Lincoln graduate Tammy Adcock, '05L, she received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Doane Lincoln. She chose the school because the flexible schedule allowed her to be a mom while getting her education.

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An Interview with John Wild

Many students come to Doane from small towns in Nebraska because the size and community is more comfortable than going to a state school.

For alumnus John Wild, '76, that was the case. He came from a small town in Nebraska and was offered a full ride to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Doane honored this scholarship and so John decided that it was a better fit for him.

Originally a business and math double major, John kept yearning for education after graduation. He was working for Experian Marketing Services as a Director of Client Services, but he also took night classes to learn programming and coding. He took up a programming job after his time with the marketing firm, moving him to Las Vegas to work as a Manager of Business Unit Billing and Accounting.

Now he works for Dell as a Business Process Improvement Consultant and has moved back to his home state of Nebraska. He credits Doane to helping him mature and grow as a person. When life threw some curve balls at John, he faced them bravely and carried on despite how hard it was.

John enjoyed being a part of the Delta Kappa Pi fraternity, basketball team, student congress and the chess club. He, like many alumni, is shocked that Evelyn Haller still teaches at Doane and enjoys seeing the campus continue its traditions. 

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