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Petersen lands CIEE grant for study abroad

April 21, 2014

Amanda Petersen ’16 is the first Doane student to be awarded the Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Grant for Study Abroad.

The grant helps students overcome the major barriers of studying abroad, specifically costs and curriculum requirements. Because of the grant, Petersen won’t have to pay for her trip, including expenses such as her plane ticket.

She will study in London this summer with the grant awarded through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE).

“I just really like (London),” Petersen said. “I’m a big English literature fan. Being there is like being in a book.”

Petersen is an English Language Arts major and plans to teach when she graduates. She said she looked forward to getting a feel for a different culture.

“Hearing other peoples experiences--that’s what I’m most excited about,” she said. “As a teacher that’s important.”

Petersen has traveled to Europe before as an International Ambassador in high school, but not being able to spend very long  in the countries she visited, it was hard to fully immerse herself in the culture.

“It’s hard to get much more than the face value of a country when you’re only spending no more than two days there,” Petersen said.

Petersen said she wasn’t nervous to live abroad, but she was sure her nerves would eventually kick in when she gets closer to moving to England.

“A week before I leave, I’ll probably have panic attacks,” she said. “Right now, I’m just concerned with getting everything turned in on time so I can stay in (England).”

Petersen encouraged other students to look for scholarships to help with study abroad. When she applied for the GAIN grant, she had merely been searching for grants on the Internet and found it on the CIEE website.

“I applied and hoped for the best” she said. “Other people should be aware that there are scholarships out there.”